Don’t we all agree? It’s always been a dream of everyone to have their crush like them back. Most of us are too shy to approach the person of our interest, chat with them or even give them a hint of our likings. It’s more like you maintain a 20ft distance while you wave from the other end. If you’re ready to play wisely, we’ll tell you ways to make your crush like you back.

Be yourself

Let’s face it, nobody like deception. Too many of us get around their crush and start acting like a completely different person altogether. However, you should never try so hard to impress someone that you lose your own individual personality. When you act like your own self, you’ll feel relaxed, happy and in your skin. Now your crush can decide for himself he likes you for who you are rather than like a deception. In fact, when they actually start to reciprocate your feelings, they are going to like you for the real you. So, be yourself in every sense.

Be witty

There is nothing more attractive than a good sense of humor. Nothing can beat a girl in the eyes of men, who knows well how to make them laugh. It’s a very effective way of seducing and attracting men in your own favour. So, if you are witty enough, don’t be afraid to put it to words. Trust us, that is exactly the right bait for men!

Talk to them

How to keep a conversation going with your crush? While speaking to your crush, it is important to remember that the key to keeping the conversation going to avoid awkward pauses. Talk to him about your interests and hobbies and ask him his. Make them comfortable as they need to know who you are as a person in order to decide if they like you or not.

Do not be obsessive

We understand that love is addictive, but do not let it turn into your obsession. Don’t bug him by sending him constant messages, call him unnecessarily or appear in a bar uninvited. This might show you as a stalker and not many people are very appreciative of such traits. This is sure to scare him away!

Join in their interests

If he invites you to tag along on some fun hobby which he enjoys, you should better go! You should always join in on such endeavors that your crush finds interesting and even try to develop your own interest in them but only if you genuinely like doing it. This ensures them that you can definitely gel with them and their hobbies. This way you’ll also have something common to talk about. Who knows this raises a spark!

These are the 5 tips that you can follow to make your crush like you back. Cheers!