Are you looking for a job and are having no success? It does not matter how much research you do into the company, how many in-depth cover letters you submit, you just are not seeing the results you want. Stop freaking out! Have you ever thought that it was not the right path for you?

In the past week, I have sent out 17 resumes with 17 in-depth cover letters, reached out personally to hiring managers and even engaged in their social media profiles, and have wound up nowhere. It is exhausting. All I was looking for was a position that I can do from home, while I single handedly take care of my rambunctious 2.5-year-old. Why is it that I am seeing rejection letters instead of acceptance letters or interview schedules? What am I doing wrong?

I know I am not the only one in this situation so here is a tip that has helped me get through it all, and it will help you too…

Are you ready?

Be Authentically You!

I know that is shocking and probably unappreciative at the moment, but it is true. The reason for your unhappiness and the ultimate reason you are not getting these positions is because you are not being yourself. So many people these days are randomly filling out applications and sending them in along with a pool of people doing the same thing. Start being your quirky and unique self. You will be surprised not only at how good you feel about yourself but how much better you feel with the results of your application submissions.

Ten years ago, I was a store manager for a tea store in Upstate NY and I cannot tell you how many applications I got that had the same content. I did not want to hear the same robotic comments. I was more inclined to reach out to those that stood out and enticed me. That is the same for employers today. Engaging in kissing butt and making yourself appear to be the perfect selection does not work. Employers encourage debate and discussion; they want someone who has something different. Be different, be you! Stop pretending and feeling like the only way to impress the boss is to suck up.

Even if you do not get the first job or the tenth job, you will feel better about yourself because you are not compromising who you are for a job. I can tell you that there are thousands of people right now working in a job they hate and that they got the job because they gave their employer answers that they thought would get them the job.

When you maintain your own personality and your own beliefs you have a stronger pull on your future. It is time to take the reigns and get the job and salary you deserve. Be yourself and you will not only wind up happier, but you will also reap other benefits as well.