At any age, we go through periods of self-doubt and ennui, but they can be more frequent as time passes. I often think of the old Peggy Lee song lyric, “Is that all there is?” (Warning: The song is a total downer, so don’t click on the link unless you’re in a really great mood.)

Mojo is defined as a magic power, but I often use it to refer to that inner “oomph” and drive we all have within us…that passion for life, that inner spark, that hope for the future.

Our generation is the first where living into one’s 80s, 90s, and 100s will be commonplace. We’ll find ourselves empty-nested, sometimes single, and not willing or able to retire. So, what do we do with that “second half?” How do we take our focus off our aches and pains, loneliness, and occasional feelings that the best years are behind us?

Here are my top tips for getting out of a slump and restoring youthful enthusiasm:

  1. Invest time in a new hobby or learn a totally new skill.
  2. Volunteer with a non-profit (either hands-on or on a board).
  3. Call a friend from your best and talk about the fun (and sometimes reckless) things you used to do. Plan a road trip to see a beloved friend or relative or sign-up for a group class in another city or town.
  4. Surround yourself with people who are going through exciting times in their lives and let the joy rub off on you.
  5. Hang-out with people younger AND older than you are. Be a mentor. It’ll remind you of how much you know.
  6. Avoid people who are complainers, nay-sayers, and haters.
  7. Practice self-care. Something as simple as a blow-out, massage, or wardrobe makeover can give you a new outlook.
  8. Don’t look for others to all the answers. Find strength in your own skills, abilities, and accomplishments.
  9. Read a book or see a true-life movie in which someone triumphs over adversity.
  10. Avoid self-pity at all costs.

Mojo can be lost…but it can always be found again!


  • Nancy A Shenker

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    Nancy A. Shenker is a marketing innovator, brand builder, writer, speaker, and self-proclaimed rule breaker. Over the course of her 40-year business and marketing career, she has been a C-level executive, an entrepreneur, and a mentor to hundreds of small businesses at all stages. Founder of theONswitch marketing, Nancy was formerly a senior executive for major consumer and business brands, including Citibank, MasterCard, and Reed Exhibitions. She has written four books, and publishes a women’s entrepreneur community (, as well as AI/machine learning/robotics site and travel and lifestyle site She also wrote a column for called Bots & Bodies (about the human side of tech) and is a contributor to a wide range of consumer and business media. She recently won the "Killer Content Award" for a major project for a fast-growing technology company.