While most people find online video conference preferable for team meetings. Its important to also have one to one meetings via telephone or voice conference. Not everyone like being on a video call every day. No point of having regular video calls with a hand full of people. When everyone on the call has muted their camera. There are many apps for conference calling. Make sure that you chose the one that matches your needs. Many of these apps have free versions which can be used if finance is an issue. While the free version will not have all of the options that the paid version would. Most of them are still very useful and liable. Be aware of security issues and do not engage in the use of risky substitutes that can sometime be found on the internet. Make sure the website you are using for your online conference call is genuine. Also ensure that the followings are in place. 

1. Ensure that team members have liable and safe internet connection that can be used for work.

2. Set out clear guidelines for meetings and other collaborations for the team. Determine what software is to be used for what purpose.

3. Set times that you, the leader, can and should be reached and the method of communication to be used in doing so.

4. Ensure that the team members are communicating with each other regularly in acceptable ways.

5. Ensure that they are safe systems in place for sharing information. This is necessary for team collaboration.

6. Suggest ways that team members can safely interact socially.

7. Be supportive of your staff. Show that you are unfazed and coping with the change in circumstances well. Your team will feel the same way.