The holiday season is a time to celebrate family and what we have and appreciate the little things in life. Unfortunately, there are many families and individuals who are not so fortunate. In the spirit of the season, consider giving back to your community, especially those who need it most. Giving back doesn’t mean you have to donate large sums of money, but it does require a giving spirit and just a little bit of your time. That’s something every can achieve to make the season that much merrier. 

Maximize Purchasing Power

Consider signing up for a credit card or app that allows you to easily donate to charity. Some credit cards allow you to round up to the nearest dollar and will donate several cents from each purchase to a cause or charity of your choice. Some apps, such as Charity Walk, will log your miles walked and donate a set amount for each mile walked. 

Serve Holiday Meals

Have lots of leftovers? Serve them up to neighbors who couldn’t afford an elaborate meal this holiday season to spread the good cheer. There are also plenty of organizations that need volunteers to serve food at shelters and soup kitchens. 

Donate What You Can

Most of us have a few clothes that are gathering dust in the back of a closet or drawer. Many of us also have lots of items we never use, but could be essential for another family. Root out those extra items and bring them to your local donation centers so others can enjoy your unwanted items. 

Share Your Time and Company

Find a local charity that is furthering a cause you care about. Donate your time and know-how to make a difference in your community. You don’t have to be an expert to donate your time as well. Many retirement communities house lonely seniors who would be delighted to make a new friend. 

Be a Good Neighbor

If you want to help closer to home, look no further than your neighbors. Help someone shovel a walkway or bag leaves. Offer to cook for them over the holidays or buy groceries for someone who isn’t able to get out much. Even little, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness can go a long way in helping another person.