Our modern-day lives demand us to follow grueling schedules while juggling multiple tasks related to our work, relationships, and responsibilities. Most of the thoughts that keep our minds preoccupied during our waking hours often revolve around such worries. But, as most studies related to depression, anxiety and stress rates reveal, a wide majority of us experience a tipping point where we start failing in keeping our peace of mind and inner clam intact.

And, there is a good reason for that. Just like every other thing in the world, inner calm eludes you when you don’t put in an active effort to achieve it. We fail to realize that it’s this inner calm that acts as the source of power that makes us capable of facing all the difficulties that life throws at us.

It goes without saying: if you really want to avoid burnout and lessen your chances of getting affected by depressive episodes and stress, you need to act now.

Here are the top ways in which you can initiate your mind’s detox and achieve inner peace and calm:

Live Like Humans Were Supposed to Do So Originally

Humans didn’t start out living in the kind of concrete jungles that we inhabit these days. Our modern-day homes, no matter how equipped they are with all the trappings of modern technology, do not reflect the way we were built to live. Just like any other living organism, we, too, were supposed to live our lives in the wide-open areas, among nature’s greatest beauties. The strangely satisfying feeling that enters you when you see some grass is a reminder to you that this is where your true being belongs and this is where you need to go in order to regain a sense of semblance in your lives.

So, no matter how packed your schedule is, take time out for yourself every few days and go out in nature, preoccupied with nothing else except your bare being. Take long walks in natural parks and places, go for a camping trip, try to sit near large water bodies like lakes or oceans. Our cramped office and apartments can never match the experience that these places will offer you and it’s also an excellent way to de-clutter your mind and focus only on living in the moment.

Be Open to Your Needs

No, we don’t mean aggression by these words. We mean bold, and there is a difference between the two. While aggression implies unabashed behavior, boldness revolves more around being open to your needs. Sure, taking three days off from your work every other week just because you don’t feel like it isn’t the right thing to do and this comes under the aggressive category, but indulging often in what you love to do is a way through which you can satiate your latent desires.

If you feel like you don’t need to continue as a salesperson and hold a steady job and instead become an entrepreneur, then you should take the leap as soon as possible. Because delaying what your inner self tells you to do, makes you end up in a state of inner turmoil and conflict, which is detrimental towards achieving lasting peace and calm.

So, if your inner self is saying something to you, then don’t ignore it. In the process of following your heart, take control of your life and your desires like you were supposed to do so all along.

The Zero State of Mind

While others like to call it meditation, for us, the preferred term is “Zero State.” That’s because even in meditation, you feel like you are doing an activity and it’s this starting point that makes the whole idea of sitting around and just reverting back to your mind seem like a chore.

On the other hand, Zero State is more exemplary. In it, you let your mind wander to the farthest recesses it wants to go into and not come in the way of it or try to control it. We call it the Zero State because zero is the beginning from where you can go anywhere in the series of numbers, horizontally, vertically, or even laterally.

This is a lot better than forcing your mind to stay focused on not thinking anything, which is what meditation is all about. In the Zero State, you allow your mind the freedom to think what it wants to think, freeing it up in the process, along with it, freeing yourself, too.

Take Care of Your Body

Just like this planet is the only place in the universe we’ll ever call home, our bodies are the only places where our feelings arise. So, it becomes imperative that you take conscious care of what you are putting into it at all times because no one has achieved an inner peace of mind when they are grappling with medical issues like heartburn or inflammation.

To achieve this, you need to start looking for things that bring you the widest range of benefits possible without putting in too much effort. While there are many products that promise that, you must only opt for the things that are well recognized, widely accepted and guaranteed to work. Of course, organic and nature-based food and body care products are what you should select. Just like being close to nature is great for your mind and soul, consuming healthy, purely natural food nourishes your body from within, saves it from health problems, and makes it strong, satiated, and healthy.

For example, you can incorporate fresh vegetables, fruits, and organic meat in your diet, along with bio-active ingredients such as polyphenols. While it is easy to get organic food options, finding the right all-natural ingredients ay be a challenge. Experts have created innovative solutions to this problem. For instance, HIDROX™ is an all-natural formulation developed by OliphenolLLC that contains the most important ingredients from the olive fruit. It is the trademarked name for hydroxytyrosol, which is a protective and potent polyphenol. Polyphenols are scientifically recognized for their powerful antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory effects, which are the reasons behind the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

But this is not just hearsay or marketing gimmickry. Oliphenol LLC has a patented production process that no one has managed to replicate until now. Its products, which are based on zero waste and are created through all-natural and solvent-free processes, have managed to positively affect the health of hundreds of thousands of people who use them around the globe. One may be able to capture the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in a small concentrated capsule or drink without the fats associated with olive oil!

It is products like these, which are genuine and effective in the real sense, that truly bring a worthwhile effect on your body, thereby making it work in its best state possible. And once this occurs, your mind too doesn’t have to put up a conscious effort to deal with any of its problems.