Why do you work on what you work on?

  • For money?
  • For survival?
  • To support your family.
  • To have a better life.
  • Because you like it?

Why do you have one or more dreams that you want to fulfill?


It is very important to have a valid “why” for what we do.

To have it, we must have a clear vision of what we want to achieve in life.

Have you ever thought about it?

Before you even want to study, work, or dedicate yourself to something, you should ask yourself the following:

What would you like to achieve in this life, in every aspect of it?

You should seek to do what you are passionate about which is Max appliance repair; not what others tell you to do.

It makes no sense to spend most of your time on something that makes you unhappy, on something that only causes you stress, anxiety, and loneliness. To something that makes you feel empty.

In the beginning, it is true, we cannot always dedicate ourselves and work on what we are passionate about.

This may be the case for two reasons:

1. We do not even know what our passion is

If this happens to you, the first thing you should do is get to know yourself a little more.

Make a list of all the things you like to do and another of the things you are good at.

Order it. Put at the beginning of this what you like the most and know how to do the best, and then you go down.

Look for jobs you can start to pursue that combine most of the things you like and are good at on your list.

One path will lead you to another; In the end, you will end up finding what you are most passionate about.

2. Devoting ourselves to our passion requires things that now we do not have, like money.

If you have this problem, you can start by dedicating yourself to something that you like at least a little and that is somehow related to your passion.

This will help you to finance it and be able to dedicate time to it until you can make a living from it.

In my case, I consider one of my greatest passions to race cars.

But that world is very expensive, practically every runner must invest in himself no matter how many sponsors he has.

As I know that now, I do not have enough money to dedicate myself to it, I dedicate myself to something else that I really like, which is Personal Development.

At first, I didn’t have the money to invest in my   Personal Development website either , so I worked making articles or helping in online marketing for other companies, and with this I gradually financed what I needed to start and stay .

Now, for the moment, I dedicate 50% of my working time to the world of Personal Development.

40% I dedicate it to another job with which I finance myself.

And 10% to race cars in a simulator.

In this journey towards our dreams and passions, the most difficult thing is the beginning.

This is when we must sacrifice and try harder to get ahead.

Over time, the more we dedicate ourselves to what we like and less to what we do not, everything will be much easier.

I am not saying do not stress out, yes you are. But you are going to have a “Why” and that pays for all the sacrifice and effort you put into it.

You will stop feeling lonely and empty.

You will feel that stress as challenges to overcome and not as something that generates sadness, anxiety, and helplessness, as when we work on something that does not interest us.

Once you dedicate yourself full time to your passion and live from it; you are going to realize something very important.

You will feel that what you do is for something more important than yourself.

You will realize that what you do is not only for you and your family, but for wanting in some way, to help others, and thus, you will seek to contribute your grain of sand in this world by giving the best of yourself in each moment.