I’ve always been fascinated by energy – the way it can push us through the atmosphere into space or short us out – inspired and expired — the way nature seems to effortlessly transform and bind it all into a trustworthy sail and how crab spiders ride the wind

Ah! I’ve known that tattered, trustworthy sail – the leap … the riding on the wind, the flow, the trust in my body. And, I’ve come to know that taking a few moments to ‘go in’ before I leap has helped me accept whatever came and wherever I’ve landed.

In this way, trust is important; it brings together the stuff that informs us – how we’re affected by form (our direct experience), how thoughts affect our reality (our state of mind), and how spirit affects the integration of experience (in the wisdom that arises with awareness).

Trust lets us breathe, fully.

It holds space open for all experience – even for the ping of anxiety when you don’t know which way to go or where you will land. and, get this … when you’re HERE in the NOW – fully informed, without pushing away or clinging to any experience – you achieve maximum distance!

Still, nature never fails to remind us that courage and bravery alone are not enough to leap into the air and land with success!

There’s a systems’ check necessary before jumping into the abyss of desire – one that can more accurately predict the zephyr that carries hope and transforms dreams — an intuitive and innate knowing that helps us trust our choices and go wherever the wind blows.

Here’s what you need to do before you LEAP.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this zig-zag, upside down life it’s that I can fly!

LOOK closely and be patient! 

Look around, survey the conditions and bring along some heart and a healthy sense of purpose. The best condition for flight is when the air is warm and loving, with a gentle, accepting breeze. Check in with the system: what does it tell you? Be present in your body and in your surroundings and allow each to inform you; together, mind, body, spirit will never fail you! 

AIM high and pay attention! 

Learning how to pay attention to all the information that will inform your next decision predicts an approximate outcome. Loosening the grip of a particular way success should look, allows you to aim higher and travel farther than any belief. 

LEAP without hesitation, release sail and commit! 

Don’t just release one idea, release many ideas threaded together with one mission and let them form a trustworthy sail – one prepared with prudence and capable wherever the wind takes you.

ACCEPT and be curious!

Where-ever you land, land firmly – grounded by the courage and bravery that forged your journey. Let go of what you imagined and allow what’s waiting to emerge to show itself and you’ll never be anxious or dissatisfied with your destination.

And, whatever you do, don’t stop dreaming … continue to visualize how you want to feel, where you want to land and who will surround you. Check-in with the system, COMMIT and TRUST in where you are, right NOW.

NOW is the preparation! NOW is the time to pay attention! NOW is the opportunity to be the person that you long to be!

NOW is always the moment to ride the wind.


  • Annette Diamantopoulos

    Integral Coach, Mindfulness Educator & Spiritual Cultivator

    Me, Myself & Eye, LLC

    Annette practices as an Integral Life Coach and Educator of Mindfulness.  She has a deep calling to help others connect fully with their lives - to amplify their experience as a human being in ways that feel authentic and nurture happiness. Annette is known for coaching adolescent anxiety and is an active contributor to supporting educational paradigms that include holistic literacy.