If you’re like most people these days, you may be feeling the heat of all the panic and stress surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.  From what you consume in the media, to what you see outside your window, to feeling a bit stir crazy from being cooped up inside your house for so long, to coming to terms with financial and job pressures, the list could go on. 

But first, I want you to remember there is always a valuable lesson we can take from any hardship. When you shift your mindset and see that challenging situations are often put in your path to guide you in a different direction, you can simultaneously search for the blessings within any circumstance and find them.  Having an attitude of gratitude will ease any stress we may feel when uncertain about what’s next. I’ve come up with six tips that will take you from feeling like a chaotic mess to the high-vibe Queen you are!

1- Higher Power
Oftentimes when we experience stress, overwhelm, or anxiety it comes from trying to take on too much, forcing a certain outcome, or demanding ourselves to have all the answers right at our fingertips.  However, that’s not always accessible to us. When we feel unsupported, hopeless, or fearful, it’s because we need to turn the responsibility back to God for further assurance. God is bigger than any stressor.  Therefore, if you can develop and strengthen your relationship with Spirit, it will put the situation into a clearer perspective.  When we can release the weight of fear and worry, trusting in Divine timing, we can also allow ourselves to experience the strength and hope that comes along with it.  Meditation is a great tool to use in order to access this Divine power.

2- Hustle
Hustle isn’t a negative word in my vocabulary. To me, hustle isn’t about blowing out your adrenals or being off-balance between the grind and experiencing life’s luxuries.  Rather, I see hustle as an opportunity to create. To be innovative and pivot when challenges arise. For instance, if you feel that you are lacking in finances, you can take one of two roads.  The first road being the “low road.” The low road is when we make excuses for ourselves and refuse to find an alternative route. When we take the low road, we miss the sources of abundance that are available to us because we can’t see outside our narrow perspective.  The “high road” on the other hand, is when we release our current perspective to embrace new ones. We channel our creative energy to find resources that can serve us best. The high road is limitless!

3- Hobbies
All work, no play? It sounds boring, and Queens aren’t boring!  Giving ourselves permission to explore other artistic realms can, in fact, enhance our work by igniting other parts of our brains.  While we are in quarantine, we have the rare opportunity to try new ideas with the extra time. Lately, my husband Glenn and I have been culinary masters!  Honestly, we have been indulging in some delectable dishes and having a lot of fun learning new recipes together.  Other than cooking, some other great areas to explore could be learning a new language, painting a canvas, learning some music on that old guitar you have shoved in the closet, or even picking up a new book!

4- Happy Hour
Just because we are in quarantine doesn’t mean we have to be isolated!  Grab your cocktails, vino, kombucha, whatever your drink of choice and jump on a Facetime or Zoom chat with your girlfriends for a virtual happy hour.  It’s a nice break and release in the day to connect and have some laughs, easing the stress and being able to hear how they are navigating things. You never know what creative and fun ideas you could come up with together!

5- Happiness
Happiness is a choice. We can sit here and dwell on all the things that are going wrong, that got “taken away” from us, and events that were canceled.  Or we can sit here and be appreciative for the time, pivot our plans, and count our blessings. As most of you probably know, I launched my first ever book in twenty years at the beginning of March, right before the height of this global pandemic.  My in-person book tour was canceled as a result. While I had that slight feeling of disappointment, I chose to see the bright side of the situation. One of those silver linings was that I had more time to interview on Podcasts and create a membership site that I always wanted to launch for my fellow Queens!  Remember, things are happening for you, not to you.

6- History
When it’s all said and done, this is a monumental moment in history!  How you decide to show up in this moment, use positive programming, and overcome the stress will be what you remember.  How you served others, showed compassion, and strengthened your relationship with the Divine, will be forever memorable.  Queens, use this moment to make history for yourself.

While we remain patient, do our best to stay healthy, and support those in need, I hope that these six transformative tips will support you in discovering that resilient Queen within. Only from the place of Queen can we truly serve, create, and manifest at our highest vibe!