Teach your kids life skills

Brian Bogert teaches his kids  “I am “ statements in order to show them a growth mindset (I am strong, capable, strong …). This is normally for very young people very hard to do but this is something that Brian shows his children. Another very important lesson that Brian teaches his children is that he focuses more on the process instead of the outcome. Oftentimes we only look on the results but instead focus on how you show up and what you really do.

?  Book recommendation by Brian Bogert: Mindset by Carol Dweck

You can find more information about Brian on his website: https://brianbogert.com/   

Structure, structure and structure

Tiji Thomas is very structured throughout the day and uses his google calendar also vor family events! He doesn’t believe in work-life balance and makes sure that you really have to structure your day! He is also blocking time for RPA: Revenue Producing Activity like creating and shooting videos, creating an email for an autoresponder.

? Book recommendation by Tiji Thomas: One Thing by Gary Keller

You can find more about Tiji on his website: tijithomas.com

Have discipline through the day

Use a booking tool for your business AND family events. How many meetings do you have in the next two weeks with your family? Create discipline not only for your business but also for your family life and add breakfast with your family or family tours also into your calendar. If it is not in the calendar it is just a dream! This means focusing and including family events also into your calendar and also saying more often no to other business opportunities. Accept the things that make you smile and book them into your calendar.

You can find more information about Steve on his website: https://www.stevedsims.com/ 

See your email list as your online family

Brian Kurtz, author of the book overdeliver treats his email list like his online family! What would you recommend to your own family members? Only the good things, right? If you think about your email marketing in this way people will feel this and they will also respond in a completely different way to you.

You can find more information about Brian Kurtz on his website: https://www.briankurtz.net/​ and also about his book Overdeliver www.OverdeliverBook.com  

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