Are you procrastinating, or having a hard time making this

The summer is usually a perfect time to engage in some type of self-improvement. We tend to have fewer responsibilities and extra days off. As such, you can leverage some of that bonus time to engage in activities that foster personal growth.

There are a lot of different ways that you can go about it. First, you can try to improve your communication and problem-solving capabilities. When something comes up or there is some type of issue or problem, ask questions and gather feedback. For example, if you don’t like the way that a decision has gone, or are confused about a certain outcome, try to talk to those involved and gather more information. If you don’t ask questions, you won’t get any clarification about it, and will never be able to turn it around. Information is power.

Additionally, outline your goals. Visualize and clarify outcomes that you want to unfold. Track your progress as you move forward towards them. Remember that in any situation, the problem is the negative and the solution is the positive. Use this time to grow a more positive outlook. It will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

Work on your patience as well as it helps you become more resilient. I struggle a lot with patience, but everything really does happen when the timing is right so do what you can to develop in this area. Some ways that I work on becoming more patient involve delaying gratification, making myself wait on things, and pausing before I speak. I try to remember to think first and talk second. Active listening is a key skill and will allow others to see you in a better light.

In general, we should be trying to become more positive by looking on the bright side. There is always a silver lining no matter what happens. Learn to search for it despite how challenging it can be to see at the time. Your failures and setbacks are ultimately leading you to a new place. As part of this, it can be helpful to learn to accept change. Welcome change because it often ushers in new opportunities and possibilities for growth.

If you feel stuck in any aspect of your life, discover new ways to become unstuck. I find that I can push myself out of a rut by interacting with new people and joining groups so that I can feed off the energy and excitement of others. I’ve realized that taking classes and following new people can help me do this as well.

Generally speaking, if you want to glow up, imagine how you can go about it. What is that something better? Ask yourself a series of questions to that end:

  • What do you really want?
  • What can you improve and how?
  • Do you have the commitment it takes?
  • What can stop you?
  • Are you talking negatively or positively to yourself?
  • What is it that you imagine in the end?

By reframing your view and your goals, you can experience the glow up that you want while growing in the process. As with everything else, it boils down to brainstorming, setting goals, and then going after them with all the energy that you can muster.

Finally, begin right away. There really is no time like the present (this summer is ideal), and find others who can support you, or even better, join you in the process. If you start angling towards your self-improvement goals, you’ll be shocked at your glow up by the end of the summer. You’ve got this!