Imagine life right now.  Exactly where you are. Now imagine that you stay exactly there for the rest of your days on the planet.  Nothing changes, it’s just the same each and every day.  You know what is expected of you, you know your limits, you don’t push yourself outside your comfort zone, you just stay still, safe and what I would say, stuck.

Babies love routine because they feel safe, they know what is next and it gives them a sense of security.  Kids love to watch the same television shows over and over again because they know it, it feels good, safe, the same.  Human beings in general love what is familiar to them, anything unfamiliar is deemed to be ‘danger’ – this is an early programming which is in our DNA make up, to avoid danger or pain and anything unfamiliar and unsafe.  This is why growth for many seems scary.  Firstly, it is the unknown that is viewed by the subconscious mind as potentially ‘unsafe’, secondly because it requires you to step out of your comfort zone, push yourself to a place that is unfamiliar, put yourself ‘out there’ which can seem very daunting.

However, growth is so important to us as human beings as it is what expands our minds, broadens our perspective and lights up our soul.  If we stay doing the same thing every day for years, our minds can’t grow and learn.  Our minds are hugely powerful and our brains need to be exercised otherwise it begins to shut down and this can come in the form of memory loss, tiredness, sluggishness and overall lack of oomph! 

With that in mind, this is my call to you, look at where you are now, is this it? Is this your final story or do you have a challenge in you, do you have some ideas that are ready to be birthed, are you ready to unleash your creativity to the world?  Well, now is the time, don’t wait for the perfect moment, or when the kids grow up or when you make a certain amount of money or when life becomes more stable or easier because these days may never come and if they do, the chances are you’ll tell yourself another story to keep you safe, the same – stuck.

Procrastination is fear – fear of failure, fear of success, fear of looking silly, fear of standing in your power.  Are you procrastinating?  What do you fear?  The way I have managed fear is to look at it head on and challenge it with a massive dose of self-belief, encouragement and sheer determination.  Is procrastination your thing?  If it is and you are finding anything and everything to avoid growth and ultimately fulfilment, here is my greatest tool for navigating this and clearing the way for success:

Take a moment to sit still, close your eyes and go back to that little girl/boy in you.  When you can see her in your mind’s eye, ask her what she is afraid of, what is stopping them from sharing their gift and showing the world their brilliance, ask them what they need in order to move through this.  This little one lives inside you and at some stage in childhood has felt fear.  It’s now your turn as an adult to reparent her.  Tell them how loved, how safe and how you are now here for them. This is the work that you need to do in order to move through fear and avoid procrastination.  This is your tool for growth.  Checking in with your inner emotional self is the root to healing any limiting beliefs you formed when you were a child.

You have so much to give the world and I know you can do it.  If you have taken the time to read this far in to my blog, I know you know it too.  Take a moment to get really clear with what you want, where you want life to go and grow and then plant your seeds. Slow is fine as long as you are going in the right direction, that’s all that matters.  Show the world your gifts, exercise your mind, body and soul and step up.  This is your time and today is the day that you begin a new chapter.  Here’s to your growth – may you blossom and bloom like you were born to do.  You are the master of your mind and when you learn how your mind works, you can make it work for you.  Today is your day, make it worth it.