Are you worried about your business right now?

I am guessing you are because everyone is.  The world challenges us all.   It seems that the right time for business is always yesterday or tomorrow.  

Yesterday is already gone and tomorrow never comes – how true is this saying?  Today is all we have.  So with that in mind let’s talk about what is stopping you from moving forward in your business.

I am talking about your biggest enemy; you! Moreover, your mind. The pesky things, they can be our biggest cheerleaders or worst enemies.  Social media is overflowing with quotes to inspire us and people who seem to be killing it in their business.  That is true for some, but there are also a lot that are doing the “fake it till you make it”  thing. 

How do I know this? 

Because I know that you can turn things around with a change of mindset.  It doesn’t mean things won’t be hard, it doesn’t mean it won’t take time, blood, sweat and more than likely tears.  What I want you to understand is that it isn’t impossible.  The takeaway here is hope. 

Carol Dweck spoke with Harvard Business Review to discuss how mindset influences outcomes whereby mindset is identified as being “fixed” or “growth”.   A fixed mindset is where you have a belief in your qualities, intelligence, talent and ability that will provide success.  People who have a growth mindset believe that their basic talent and ability can be developed over time with experience and mentorship.

“They’re not always worried about how smart they are, how they’ll look, what a mistake will mean. They challenge themselves and grow.” – Carol Dweck

The most common way this slips out of our mind and into our lives is via excuses.

These are (mostly) completely false! It’s just a way of thinking. I’ll show you examples.

‘I cannot do it!’ <- I am afraid to let myself take personal responsibility for my life thriving.

‘I don’t have time’ <- I lack the ability to manage my time with priorities and opportunities.

‘I don’t know how to do it’ <- I am unwilling to accept the challenge to learn something new.

‘My family doesn’t support me.’ <- ‘I am using others as an excuse to stay in the safety of what I know.’

Can you change your mindset and achieve the success you want?

Yes, you can.  By concentrating your thinking and consciously changing your thought processes, you can begin to challenge your fixed mindset. 

It may sound simplistic to say that your business needs you to have a positive or growth mindset for success.  However, let me explain this in a way that might demonstrate to you the power that mindset has.  

Don’t live a life of regret having missed every great opportunity because of an excuse.  An opportunity is only made great when someone takes it and turns it into something great.  

Where are you right now?  If you have read this far you either have some glimmer of hope or are still looking for the magic potion to change your business into what you want it to be.  Well here it is – you are the hope, you are the magic potion.  Nobody can do this for you – it’s all you.  So change your mindset now.  If it’s hard – work through it.  If you don’t know something – learn.  If it isn’t working – change it.  If you need help – ask.  

If there are roadblocks then move them, go around them or change direction.

Excerpt from original post by Samantha Morris – Fempire Coach

Published 01 February, 2020