When we sit down to set our intentions for the new year, how can we guarantee success, regardless of what life brings our way?  We spend most of our time focused on the actions we can take after we decide on our resolutions. This skips over their real magic, which lies in their creation. 

This brings us to Isaac Newton and his third law of physics, which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  We think of this most often with Newton’s famous adage, “What goes up must come down.”  Throw a ball into the air and it will soar upwards until the gravity of the earth pulls it back to the ground.  

Newton’s law of physics equally applies to metaphysics, and it has been repackaged as the law of attraction.  It’s described differently across practitioners depending on their field and framework, but it describes the phenomena that like energy attracts like energy.  Imagine an energetic force that acts mutually between particles of matter, people, and situations, everything.  In essence, the law of attraction dictates that whatever energetic force is propelled into the world is received back in equal force.

So, how does this apply to your new year’s resolutions?

There is an energetic signature to each thought, utterance, and action.  This is something we know and even talk about without realizing it.  We notice the vibe of a terrible meeting as soon as we walk in the room and we know our partner’s mood before we ever hear a word.  Neuroscience is beginning to study and measure this phenomenon and how our unspoken thoughts and emotions are calibrated to different energetic frequencies.  

So, imagine the universe is simply a mirror, reflecting back exactly what you show it.  Let’s use the ubiquitous resolution of wanting to make more money next year.  If you are constantly thinking, “I need to make more money,” the universe doesn’t send you more money.  The universe doesn’t know the English language!  What it understands is the energetic frequency behind your words.  In saying, “I need to make more money,” you offer an energy that there is an absence of enough money, and you’ll receive more evidence of that absence.  If you think, “I’m abundant in money,” then you receive more evidence of your abundance.  

The trick is that you can’t just think it without believing it.  This is where many resolutions fail.  Saying something you wish was true but don’t believe is true doesn’t do anything.  Unfortunately, it’s not a magic spell.  That’s where modalities like vision boards and positive affirmations get a bad rap, because for the most part we don’t understand how they work.  We simply go through the motions of slapping a picture of a Ferrari on our poster board, and then climbing into our rusty Pinto with a sigh.

It seems unlikely that someone having trouble making ends meet could say, “I am abundant in money” with real conviction, and if he had such conviction we would question his mental stability.  We don’t think this way because we are focused on what we see in front of us, what we can touch, what we can spend right now.  That’s why it’s easier for wealthy people to become wealthier.  They easily and consistently offer the vibration that they truly believe they are abundant in money.  They can see it, touch it, and spend it.

So, how do we use this understanding to create new year’s resolutions that actually work for us?  

It all comes down to aligning the head and the heart.  Find a thought with which you resonate, something that both your mind accepts as true and your heart embraces as satisfying.  If the thought, “I am financially abundant” feels like a stretch, get more general until it feels both true and good.  Here are some options: “I always have what I need.”  “I am resourceful.”  “Life holds sweet surprises.”  Choose a thought that already feels true now, and allows 2021 to expand on it.  Practice this and the universe will reveal to you your unlimited and uninterruptible power.