I remember years ago, one of my dreams was to work for the racing car industry. As a PR or journalist.

I got my very first opportunity as PR for a national series and even though I was so excited, a tiny voice was telling me: “Don’t go in that direction”. 

So thinking it was my fear of succeeding talking to me, I kept going.

Then I had bad experiences dealing with very negative people there, I jumped from the series to work for a couple of the teams and that didn’t work either. 

I got an offer for the most recognized car magazines that went all wrong and by that moment I started to lose all hope.

My mother found me in the kitchen crying and told me that I should try another industry, that all those bad experiences were a sign to change direction.

I didn’t want to quit but I couldn’t tell if she was right or I needed more drive to achieve success in that industry.

10 years later I understood that wasn’t the path for me and you could see yourself in my situation even in other areas of your life that are not working.

I have learned with the time the difference between guiding myself from intuition instead of fear and I will spill the tea to you right here, right now;

1.- Intuition. Your intuition feels right in your gut and has a compassionate, affirming tone. It’s natural not forced.

2.- Fear. Fear is highly emotionally charged and has cruel, demeaning, or delusional content. It often reflects past psychological wounds and limiting beliefs.

If you’re an emotional empath like me, it gets tricky to know which fears are authentic, helpful intuitions. Because you tend to absorb other people’s emotions, you may pick up their fear and think it’s your own. 

If you wish to avoid this, you can ask yourself, “Is the fear mine or someone else’s?” 

Although it’s awesome to absorb courage and positive emotions from others, it’s important that you protect your energy and don’t appropriate negative patterns.

To train your intuition’s muscles is necessary for you to connect with yourself through meditation, visualization or self-observation. 

And If you find yourself doubting whether it is your intuition or fear talking to you, take a moment to inhale and exhale then ask yourself: “Is this situation/path serving to my highest self?”.

Your gut is wise and will tell you the truth even if it doesn’t fit with your expectations. Trust me, you will find out that your intuition is guiding you where you are meant to be.