Here’s a quick holiday tip : Mind Your EQ! Yep your emotional intelligence. Holidays are known for their effects on family dynamics, so if you really want to enjoy the Holiday Season to the fullest and contribute meaningfully on all levels, remain aware and conscious of your behaviors, your triggers, and how and whom you trigger, intentionally and not so intentionally. Family and very close friends have a way of triggering us. Check when you’re ignited, stop yourself from reacting, and respond appropriately. Someone once asked me, “How do I know the difference between reacting and responding?” When we react, it’s nearly always an intense gut feeling and emotional blurting out. Responding is carefully considering and selecting the appropriate tone and language to communicate our intentions.

“When you’ve said all of the bad things and all of the good things you haven’t been saying, you will find that what you’ve really been withholding is, ‘I love you.’ You don’t have to go looking for love when it is where you come from”

— Werner Erhard


  • Elly Molina

    Intuitive Advisor, Author & Educator

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