When things go South what do you do? Shout, blame, punch the air with both fists, go for a drink or hide it under the carpet?

Making mistakes is common and should be embraced yet so many managers look to deflect the blame onto staff or even attempt to mess with the figures…for what? Sleepless nights, lost trust and a broken fractured team that are now looking for new jobs?

I’ve been on the receiving end of crap managers and been told to manipulate the figures and believe me, the respect for that person went straight out of the window and this style is not one I would suggest anyone use.

However, I’ve also filled the role of manager and was able to accept responsibility when things didn’t go to plan and you know what happened? I was able to sleep at night and the staff saw how much I cared about succeeding and began to work smarter towards our goals!

I recently wrote an article about Observation With Intent that gives you an insight as to how to allow space to your team to learn and grow without intervening at the wrong time.

After Observation with Intent comes a critical behaviour – Reflection With Intent.

Reflection With Intent is designed to allow your team to feedback without the fear of being criticised or condoned, but to be encouraged to speak the truth so fruitful solutions can be made next time.

This strategy develops a culture of self-awareness, self-respect but most of all, a culture in which goals are more achievable. Sales will be hit more consistently, support to get through tough times will be greater and the staff more willing to work smarter.

When you learn to Reflect With Intent (The intention is to learn from the mistakes and then plan how to move forward with a positive attitude and change), suddenly work feels easier to achieve.

Please comment below your thoughts and intrigue and ask how you can learn Reflection With Intent if this is something you want to integrate into your development.