Well if you have, then you’re not alone. In fact we received SO many messages last week from people saying that they had been feeling overwhelmed since stepping into the new year that we decided to dedicate a whole podcast episode to it this week. And wow, once we opened up this topic there was soooo much to say.

We dug into what can cause overwhelm at the start of the new year (and there are a whole host of different triggers), why overwhelm is natural at the start of any new journey or project and why and we shared lots of tips and suggestions on what to do if and when overwhelm gets the better of you.

And by the way, the two of us aren’t immune to New Year overwhelm. We always expect it to happen and this year it was particularly strong for both of us as we both chose intentions for the year that triggered our Sh*tty Committees big time! We share all about that too 🙂

So have a listen and let us know what you think.

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Lots of love, 

Vicki and Selina

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