Handle tantrums of your kids

Raising a kid isn’t a plaything – to raise a well behaved and disciplined kid, you have to handle so much. And, tantrums in your children are one of the most irritating and annoying things that a parent has to handle. Your kid can start throwing tantrum anytime and anywhere- or could be over a toy or food item. 

Sometimes a kid’s tantrum gets so much headache for parents that they can’t understand what to do and what not to do. So, if you have young children at home and their tantrums are getting out of hand, then you must be pulling out your hair by now. Parents, don’t fuss over children’s tantrums so much and start using the following tricks to control tantrums and try to help them to boost their self confident

1. Stay calm

We know this is the most difficult advice to follow when your kid is crying hysterically and making a big scene. A loving parent inside you wants to yell at your kid and get angry, but you need to remember that by doing this – you are just making the situation even worse. You need to stay calm – if you are fuming from inside, but from outside you need to maintain a calm composer. You need to keep your mind and voice calm and softly talk to your kid. Once your kid sees that tantrums are not working on you, then he or she will automatically calm down and the tantrum episode will pass away. 

2. Acknowledge your Child’s feeling

You need to show empathy to your children – it doesn’t matter on how ridiculous stuff your kid is crying, you need to acknowledge your kid’s emotions. Well, ice cream falling off the cone isn’t a big deal for you, but in the innocent mind of your child – it will be a great thing. So, you should calmly acknowledge the feelings of your children and show empathy with them. This will eventually relax your kids because your acknowledgment means a lot to your children. 

3. Let episode pass

When your child is throwing a tantrum, then make your distance with her, but stay nearby. Let your child vent out all frustration and anger in solitude because when children see their parents nearby, then they even throw more tantrums and drag the drama. So, let your kids calm on their own and when they know that you are going to entertain their tantrums, then they will eventually calm down and forget about their troubles. 

4. Take charge

If the tantrum happens because your child wants something, don’t give him what he wants. If your child doesn’t want to do something, use your judgment. When your child is throwing unnecessary tantrums because you aren’t following his wish, then it’s the right time to take control and make sure that your kid understands who is the boss. For example, if your kid is not coming out of the bath or not eating his dinner, then you need to take action and pull your crying baby out of the bath and make your child eat his food. Ignoring your children’s tantrums when they don’t work, then you should take parental actions. We can also use the help of parental control apps like Famisafe to keep an eye on our children’s online activities. 

5. Be consistent in your approach 

You need to maintain a firm stand because if you scum to your child’s tantrums once and other times you won’t, then this will eventually cause you a lot of trouble. So, you should maintain your consistent stand, if you haven’t given your children something when they have thrown a tantrum, then never do that. It will send a strong message to your children that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated by you ever 

It is very important to deal with your children’s tantrums at an early age because if you don’t handle it early, then it will make your children stubborn. So, for your own and your kid’s good, never entertain tantrums.