Our everyday lives are guided by what flickers into our minds.

The experiences in our everyday lives are guided by our thoughts. Truly, everything we experience manifests through our thoughts.

This phenomena is set off by thoughts, from which feelings and sensations arise which in turn create action, behavior and outcomes.

The power of thoughts on our lives is huge. Many times our subconscious thoughts dictate our actions directing our lives. In truth, we are able to actively influence our thoughts by, for example, practicing mindfulness. This in turn allows us to shape our mental landscape, which directly influences our actions and shapes our lives.

We can train our minds by practicing mindfulness, meditation and using visualization techniques. All of these need commitment, regular practice, patience and an attitude to learn.

How do we do this?

By becoming aware of our thoughts we can start to notice the space in between each thought. In that space we can find inner peace and all the wisdom.

We can start with simple meditation — sitting quietly, undisturbed, feet on the floor, gently eyes closed, letting shoulders fall, taking a few deep breaths. Merely notice your thoughts. Don’t cling to their details or judge them. Let them just float by. Experience slowing down thought-after-thought process and start noticing the smallest pauses between thoughts.

You start to realize that thoughts are not facts and thoughts are not you. And that your thoughts don’t need to narrow your sense of reality. You realize how positive thoughts create feelings and sensations that lead to positive actions and outcomes.

“From thoughts come actions. From actions come all sorts of consequences. In which thoughts will we invest ? Our great task is to see clearly, so that we can choose which ones to act on and which simply let be.”

– Joseph Goldstein

Originally published at medium.com


  • Pia Robson

    NLP Life Coach, sporty Finn

    Pia is a certified Life Coach with a passion for helping people to make their lives better. She guides people to find building blocks for sustainable healthy and happier lives. She gets fuel from outdoor activities, cross country skiing, reading and playing tennis.