Aerial shot, Jeju Island Hyatt Chapel

I’ve lived in two different countries and I count myself lucky because I have had the opportunity to travel all over the globe.

But, there came a point in time that I had to make a big decision in my life—to get married overseas in my wife’s country, or to get married in my own?

For most, just thinking about things like wedding costs, flights and the convenience of others can be quite burdensome and stressful.

Most guys rarely talk about their wedding experience publicly online, except for sharing some Facebook/Instagram photos, let alone write about it.

So, with my wedding anniversary around the corner, I thought it would be nice to do something different and share how I had a stress-free celebrity-style wedding.

Here’s are some of the things that I learned from conducting research, and planning out my wedding.

1. Wedding costs

I’m from Australia, and a traditional wedding costs a whopping $51,245 here. And for many, there can be this “immense pressure” to have the “wedding of our dreams.”

This could stem from things like social media, celebrity weddings, friends, family—or a large range of other factors. For some, a wedding can be more like a “financial burden.”

But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of other alternatives to still have the wedding of your dreams. Have you considered a destination wedding?

2. Destination weddings

Inside, Jeju Island Hyatt Chapel

Recently a survey showed that 11.7% of Australians have had a destination wedding and I can happily count myself as one of them.

I chose to get married on Jeju Island. It’s a beautiful island situated on the southern coast of South Korea. And I was fortunate enough to be married in the Hyatt Regency Chapel.

The interesting thing about this particular chapel is that it is quite well-known. Not only for its scenic views overlooking the ocean—but it has that “Korean celebrity factor.”

3. Celebrity-style weddings

Luke Fitzpatrick and Rami Song

The Hyatt Chapel that I got married in has been featured in Korean drama scenes such as All In, Boys Over Flowers, and not to mention, celebrities have been married there as well!

Many popular destination wedding locations like Bali (a popular place for Australians) offer all-inclusive wedding packages covering the cost of the venue, ceremony, decorations etc.

And, our wedding cost us around $20,000—significantly less than the average destination price of $27,227. In short, we had an A-grade wedding, for a fraction of the cost.

Final remarks

If you do choose to have a destination wedding as I did, it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams. It may even reduce your stress through simplicity and saving on costs.

Just make sure to plan well in advance, give guests early notice and consider that you don’t need to invite every person that you have met in your life.

By keeping your wedding small, it will feel closer to the heart and be a lot more special. And yes, for the average person, you can get married in a place where celebrities have been filmed!