Have you ever had one of the those days when it feels as if you’re dragging concrete blocks around all day?

No matter what you try to do to get more energy – drink an absurd amount of caffeine, splash cold water on your face or jump up and down shaking your arms, nothing seems to work.

That’s because you’re too late.

The time to create energy is before you need it.

Here are five ideas for you to get more energy so you can be more productive.


The experts recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

Not sometimes.

Not whenever you can “fit it in”.

Every night.

Your body needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

There is a lot of research out there for how to get a good night sleep but instead of me summarizing it here, do yourself (and your productivity) a favor and go grab Arianna Huffington’s book, The Sleep Revolution. It’ll rock your world…and help you get the sleep your body needs.


I’m going to assume that everything you do over the course of your needs to be done.

But…does it need to be done by YOU?

Think about this: you need to create a spreadsheet. But just the thought of creating one makes your neck and nearly every other part of your body hurt. You dread it.

But wait!

Your co-worker Suzy lives, breathes and dreams about spreadsheets. I bet if you asked her nicely, you wouldn’t even be able to get the entire ask out of your mouth before she says, “I’ll do it!” excitedly!

Problem solved.

You’re happy. Suzy’s happy. And all is right with the world.

Embrace the power of other people who can do things better than you.


I’ve read that our body is made of up nearly 60% water and our blood, 90%.

I think water is pretty important.

Drink more…WATER.

Why water?

Because the body doesn’t have to break anything down. It knows what to do with it. Every other liquid needs to be broken down…which takes energy (away from your productivity).

Not all water is created equal. Find water you enjoy and you’ll drink it a lot more.


I love my Apple Watch. Since getting my Series 3 in September 2018, I’ve closed my rings every day (I now own the Series 5).

If you don’t have an Apple Watch (not required to do this idea), there are three rings:

  • Move – active calories burned.
  • Exercise – minimum 30 minutes a day
  • Stand – stand for at least one minute during 12 different hours in the day

When you close your move, exercise and stand rings…it’s known as closing your rings.

You don’t have to own an Apple Watch to close your rings. Just make it a point every day to move, exercise (consult your doctor if you’re not exercising now) and stand 12 times a day.

What does this do? Gets and keeps you healthy…and gives you more energy.


Micro-breaks are a powerful strategy for your productivity and energy level.

Whenever you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or some other negative emotion, stop…get up from your work area, walk outside to someplace quiet, close your eyes and breathe deeply for 2-4 minutes. Don’t think about what you’re working on or what you have to do next. And don’t be on your phone. Just be.


Of these five ideas, which one(s) will commit to starting today?

Don’t keep it a secret. Tell someone! There is tremendous power in accountability. You can even tell me. Hit me up at the link below.

I know you can do this.

Do you?