We all have some addiction, some with drinking, some with drugs, others with food. I was one with the addiction to food that I was so worried about how my body looked like that I was so focused on how I ate, which led me to worry about what I ate every single day.

Until I discovered the Confidently Healthy® way of living and decided to break free and decided to live!

However, I realized it wasn’t my addiction to food but it was my addiction to my negative thoughts that I had to break up with. 

How to Break up your Addiction with Food 

Realize that food will always be here and that we have to rearrange some tables like Alice Silverstone from Clueless says-life is not supposed to be so strict! We have confined ourselves to three meals and a snack a day only to realize we are not giving ourselves any grace as humans.

Breaking up your addiction to food means changing the way you look at things so the things you look at change.

That means starting to realize that you are the one in the driver’s seat of your life so that means setting a set schedule of WHEN you eat-this is called intermediate fasting which I LOVE and implement daily.

This is called re-arranging the tables. You can simply choose to eat 12-8 or 8-6.

I choose 12-8 because I feel like I’m cheating the system and just drink water to skip breakfast along with coffee therefor I’m winning. ;D

How to Stop Feeling Guilty

Now, let’s speak about overcoming this guilt that you have. You only feel guilty because you feel like you’re doing something wrong. I remember when I first stood up for myself and I felt like I murder; yes I am a recovering pushover.

You are not doing anything wrong by eating because food is fuel but it is what you’re eating that you need to change if you’re eating something of bad nutritional value.

What is the good nutritional value?

Protein, carbs, and veggies. No matter your culture.

It is that simple.

I easily teach this in my course Confidently Healthy®, where you can eat your food of culture but it is about portions and what you’re thinking toward your food when you’re eating it. 

If you’re feeling and thinking negative thoughts toward your food a negative reaction is going to appear.

If you think something negative toward your food then something negative surely will appear. 

How to Live a Happier and Healthier Lifestyle

Let’s go back to our thoughts. How often are you thinking about what you’re thinking about and visualizing what you want to create?

How often are you doing that with your food and meals? 

Have you ever thought about doing that with your food and shaping your body and having fun with it? 

After all, you do you move with your body, you dance with your body, you have intimacy with your body. 

Why not take care of your body with the food you’re eating and take care of it with the meals you’re eating?

If your thoughts change your life; why don’t you apply the same principles toward your food and beauty routine and break from the self-inflicted pain that you’re causing with the food you eat?

Inside the Confidently Healthy®program, I teach you that your health and wellness begins with you and your mind that it can be achieved through the power of a good and sustainable health and wellness routine.

At my square zero, I knew that life had to be better than what I had and this depression was not it.

A healthier and happier life is yours but you must begin to reframe your mind. 

Reframing Your Mind Towards Food and Your Health

Let’s have some fun in life. Have you ever thought that your food shapes your body? Have you ever thought that your health shapes your beauty?

When you ask yourself this questions-life can become fun because then you can change things into what and whom you want to become.

I decided to choose not to be the 193 pounds 55% body fat woman who was a victim anymore by taking one step forward.

How did I do that?

By having fun again. I began to ask myself if food is the certain of our life why can’t I begin to have fun with it? Why can I not rearrange the table and use it as a tool to shape my body and create a body that I love and not be a slave to it anymore?

I did this with the power of my mind, and you can do it to the first step you can take is with this five-day challenge I created for you or by simply enrolling inside the Confidently Healthy® school.

Remember, no one has the right to take away the power of your bonbon except for you.