Do you go to bed every night with a wish of opening your eyes to a beautiful day next morning? Here are the tips to making that happen.

Love Yourself

  • Begin your day with love (not technology).

Remind yourself of your worthiness before getting out of bed. Breathe in love and breathe out love. Enfold yourself in light. Saturate your being in love.

  • Take time to meditate and journal

Spend time focusing in daily. Begin with five minutes of meditation and five minutes of writing on your journal each morning. Gradually increase this time.


  • Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness.
  • You’re actually better looking when you smile. When you smile, people treat you differently. You’re viewed as attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere.

Recognize your uniqueness

  • Take the time to recognize that you are unique in your personal life.
  • Don’t concentrate on the weaknesses in your uniqueness, concentrate on strengths. Eliminate your weaknesses by partnering with others.

Remember that its OK to fail

  • Failing is a part of the daily life process. Understand right away that some things are NOT in your control. Take a step back, Breathe, Take some time off from the project, clear your head, get back on the horse and try again.

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Give back, help someone else

  • Helping others will actually make you feel great. A 2008 study by Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton and colleagues found that giving money to someone else lifted participants’ happiness more that spending it on themselves (despite participants’ prediction that spending on themselves would make them happier).

Appreciate what you have

  • “By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved — and perhaps learned through a few mistakes, stumbles and losses — you actually can enhance everything about you. Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.” — Jack Canfield

Have a beautiful day!!

Originally published at on December 28, 2016.

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