We all are encouraged to work hard, take action, hustle, think positive, change our mindsets, imagine and visualize what we want, write our goals, meditate… but more often than not, once we do all of these things we hear, read and learn about and we still do not have what we truly want, frustration sets in.

I am not saying that these things aren’t important, nor that they don’t work, of course all of this is important…what I am saying is that there is much more… secrets that no one is talking about. 

The real truth is, there are three kinds of luck, and each one is worth one third of our energy or we can call it consciousness or potential. The three kinds of luck are: Spiritual luck, Human luck and Earth luck; each worth third of our consciousness. 

Our Spiritual luck, depending on who you are and your belief system is our connection to the Spirit, having a wonderful connection with God, the Universe through meditation or prayer, we can also call it destiny or karma or faith. Masters in this field such as Dalai Lama meditate upwards of four hours per day to receive meaningful results.

The second 33.3% is our Human luck, it is being a human, it’s our human experience, and it’s our gifts and talents. Further, one third of this 33.3%, about 11.1%, is our thoughts, our mental body. The second 11.1% is our emotional body, our feelings are another and the last third is our physical body, it’s actions we take.

We can think about is as talents and connections we receive from the Spirit and as humans, we are bringing them into form, manifesting them through our physical body by thinking, feeling and by doing. Again, depending on who you are, as this varies from human to human, but that’s the basic split. 

This is where most of self-help industry focus is… teaching us how to think positive, how to feel good and how to take action… but anyone who tried to think differently through pure determination and control knows it takes time and self-discipline to change our lives using these methods.

People from self-development may say, thoughts are everything, if you think certain way, you will manifest it… but this only makes around 10% difference in our lives. Some people are very connected with the Spirit, perhaps they have 40%. Some people may say, you have to release emotions, and yes, it’s important, but again, in a big scheme of things, it’s only about 10% of our total energy body. Some people say, you have to take massive action, you have to work hard all the time, you have to hustle, take action, call people and do things… yes, it matters but it’s only 10% of influence. 

And the last 33.3% of our luck is environment around us, or Earth luck, us standing on the Earth with our feet on the ground.

Basically, if you think right, if you feel right and if you do right, you will have the whole 33.3% of influence, the Human luck we talked about above and this can make a big difference, but with your feet on this Planet, walking, living on this Earth, we’re missing the 33.3% that no one is talking about. 

This was a huge shift for me when I first heard it from Marie Diamond, a Feng Shui Master and my teacher. And this is what I want to share with you now because… by the time I learnt this, I was already coaching, mentoring, teaching and consulting people for a few years and they were doing their best to change their mind, and all of us who tried this, we know it is not easy to change how we think, how to feel better, they were taking wonderful action, practiced gratitude towards themselves and towards others; they were meditating… but they were still hitting the wall, but it wasn’t an inner wall, little did they know, it was the wall of their own home, the environment around them.

Once I understood that, I was like: “Wow!” 

So what’s this 33.3% that no one is talking about? It’s about creating a three-dimensional vision board, it’s about arranging object in your environment in the way that supports you, in the way that allow energy to flow so we can experience benefits in all areas of our lives, more specifically, in areas of success, relationships, health and wisdom.

In fact, research shows, our brain automatically go to Alfa brain waves supporting our thoughts and emotions when energy in our environment flows harmoniously. In fact, once that happens, we are more positive, we have more confidence and self believe, and we are more likely to take action and procrastination decreases.

Here are three simple steps that you can take right now:

  1. Clean and De-clutter.

As simple as this may seem, the way I like to explain is… the Universe is like a FedEx or UPS airplane. It delivers without fail… every time you ask for something, it puts it on board and is ready to fly to your address and deliver it… but when it come to your home, it sees that there is no room… no physical space, no emotional space… all is filled and cluttered so it sadly turns around and brigs it back to the warehouse waiting until you are ready, until there is space to drop off the items you asked for.

If you truly can’t do de-cluttering right now, short-term, you are allowed to hide the items in closets until you do have some time to do it.

But at the minimum, you must de-clutter and clean your auspicious directions of your home or office, places and rooms where you spend majority of your time… your bedroom, living or family room and your children’s rooms. It is better nothing to stand or hang there vs. sending the Universe a wrong message.

  • Create Vision Board.

The second thing you can do is to create a vision board… and I am not saying you should spend hours on Internet printing pictures and doing research… you already now what you want and what it looks like. Don’t overthink it. It can be as complicated or simple as printing a picture of yourself or someone you know that represent, let’s say, health for you and write your goal right on it, preferably in gold ink, put it in a gold frame and you’re done. Just repeat it a fee more times for the areas of your life you are working on or want to improve.

  • Activate Your Auspicious Directions.

All you do here is to put the vision boards you created in step 2 and hang them in your auspicious directions with associated colors for your energy number and auspicious directions with intention for the goal.

That’s it!

Don’t know what your four auspicious directions are? You can easily found out online by searching “What is my energy number” or you can contact me at https://mariannaguenther.com/contact or [email protected] and I will provide you that information. Please include your full birthday (super important), and I will send you Personal Energy Card for your energy number, your archetype and your auspicious directions and colors right away.

With love and gratitude,



  • Marianna Guenther

    Executive Mentor, Team Consultant & Peak Life Strategist

    Hi, I am Marianna Guenther and I give executive women leaders and teams tools that they need to accelerate their success and still have a life and do what it is that they love.   The biggest apprehension that women leaders have is they think if they “go for it” in their career, the other areas of their life will suffer. They feel like they’ve invested so much time and energy to become a success in their professional life and often times they are faced with, what seems, harsh reality that they may not be able to have successful career and still have a life… create the life enjoying what it is that they love.   There is a huge misconception that if a person is successful in their career there just isn’t enough time for anything else and they need to make tough choices and sacrifices and that’s just not true. If you want to succeed, you have to understand how to get clarity, align your goals with purpose and live in a flow. You have to learn how to fit all puzzle pieces together.   I get it, I've been there... type A personality MBA, I worked in Corporate Finance for over 20 years until I had an “aha” moment… it was one late evening when I worked with my team on a project late in my office… and I totally forgot to make it at my son’s school orientation that evening… I broke a promise to my son and I knew then that I wouldn’t remember what I was working on with my team late in my office that night but I knew I would remember a promise I broke… I remember breaking out crying in front of my employees… and it was at that moment that I realized the impact of my career had on my life.   And that’s what inspired me to figure out, first for myself, and later as a mentor to executive women leaders so they didn’t have to figure it all out by trial and error. I developed a 12-step strategy guide on how to be successful and still have a balanced life so we all can continue enjoying the things in our lives that matter and do what it is that we love.