Have you ever found yourself filled with fear when wondering if you should make your next move? You might find yourself asking: Should I move to a new city? Should I stay in this relationship? Should I change my job? Should I pursue my passion? Now imagine if, instead, those thoughts of a different future brought you a sense of freedom, authenticity and boldness…

When making these decisions, you want to feel confident that you’re selecting the right and best choice for you. What this really means is that you don’t want to be making a decision based on other people’s expectations. You want your choice to be coming from a place of wholeness and purpose—and that means you will be unbreakable as you move forward with it.

I want to walk you through the steps of making your next big move with unshakeable confidence. If you’re coming from a place of authenticity when making a big move, you’re going to be confident. Let me guide you through that process.

Step One: Let Your Idea Be Your Secret

To be confident in your next step, we must allow the idea to grow inside us. This means it’s sometimes better not to share it with others too quickly or before it fully forms. Well-meaning people will offer advice, but it might not actually be the advice that’s right for you.

We pick up so many patterns in society, both consciously and unconsciously taking on the thoughts and patterns of others. It often comes just from someone telling us: “Why don’t you…?” and then making a suggestion of something we should do, be or try. Although this person means well, suggestions like this also mean that what we’re doing now is not good enough. The well-meant advice can translate to us thinking something must be wrong with us—and it’s easy to get swept up in this.

Think of your new idea as a tender plant that’s just starting to grow. You would not put this plant out in the wind of a hurricane! You would protect it, nurture it and give it the safe space it needs to blossom. We need to do the same with our next big move or project. Give it time, space and protect it while it grows.

Step Two: Give it Time to Grow

As you’re contemplating your next big move, it’s so important to figure out the motivation behind why you want to take this leap. How authentic is this choice? It is because you have a lack or a need that’s not being filled? Or is it an inspiration that has meaning to you? If it’s a move in your professional life, it might be about adding a new service, creating a new offering, adding to your team, finding new vendors to work with.

Before you make the change, ask yourself: Where am I right now and why do I feel inspired to take this move? If it’s because of inspiration, then keep adding to that with positive and creative thoughts. Once you know why you want to make the move, then it’s time to give it some time.

Like bread needs time to rise when it’s baking, you have to let your next big move have the time it needs to rise too. All processes need time to formulate and you have to go through the process of really sitting with your new idea, letting it formulate inside you, and allowing it to grow.

Step Three: Identify if Your Next Big Move is in Alignment and then, Share It

We each have unique talents and things inside us that want to be expressed. Being in alignment means you don’t resist what you desire to do and you align yourself with what makes you truly happy and what you feel pulled to do. When asking yourself questions about your next big move, figure out if you’re making the choice because you want to run and hide from something—OR if it’s something you want to express. If your next big move is in alignment with who you are, then it will always be a positive voice coming through, something rising in you that wants to be expressed in the world. It’s important to still have practical thoughts and think through the logistics, instead of going into illusion and fantasy.

Is your next big move something you’ve felt for a long time coming? Is it something that you just know: This change has to be done. The telltale sign that the your next big move is in alignment is if it feels positive—and it’s not coming from a block where you want to run from something.

When you feel more confident about your next big move and know it’s what you want to do, you’ll begin to put lots of energy towards it. You’ll dedicate time, thoughts, research in preparing to move forward. The more energy you spend on a project, the more it gets real and the more realistic your next big move becomes.

At this point, then share your next big move with somebody who will react in a positive way. Share it with the people you trust dearly who you know will give you honest and positive support. The way you feel about a project will translate to other people, and this will give it even more power.

Step Four: Figure Out Your Big WHY

If you want to change anything in your life, with confidence and with the proper time and space, you have to identify what the big WHY is behind it. This is the driving force behind your next big move. It’s the ultimate reason you are doing it.

Maybe you want to make a chance because of a lack of money? Or for a more positive spin, you may be looking to add more variety to your services, to add more value in your work that different people can benefit from.

Whatever your big WHY is, maybe you want to do some journaling about it, record it, or just sit with it and come up with what it means to you, how much of your big WHY is already in your life, and some ways you can integrate it further.

Step Five: Set Your Intention

Once you set your intention, based on your true WHY, you become a magnet for luck. It’s so important to set your intention from a positive space, not from a place of negativity. Turn any lack or loss energy around and create an intention with a positive swing. When you act from loss, like not having enough clients, feeling lost and lonely, you will attract more of that energy, more feeling lack and more feeling lost. You have to fill that within yourself and find a positive way to set your intention.

In making your next big move, your call to action is to really think about the intention that you set, whatever is behind the action you want to take. Make your intention out of a positive notion, instead of out of lack. Find that positivity behind it. Here’s an example. Maybe you’re thinking: I haven’t got any clients. A way to find the positive in this is to instead say: I’m finding the right clients for me. The feeling you put into your intention is really, really important—so be sure it’s a positive one.

Step Six: Slow Down and Tune In to Yourself

I want to share an exercise that can help you with this. Breathe in to the count of 4, hold your breath for 4, and exhale to the count of 8. Repeat this 3 more times. Then, feel that sense of calm wash over you and let yourself go into the flow of stillness. Now start to listen. Ask yourself: What is it that really needs to come out and have space in my life?

From this place, you can let the inspiration flow. Take out a journal and write out what comes up for you. I want to note that some people might find this daunting, to write and look for inspiration. Even if nothing comes up, that’s okay too. You might need to stop thinking, get out of your head and go for a run. Movement might be a better way for you. Inspiration will hit when you stop searching for it.

Step Seven: Let Inspiration Guide You

Inspiration is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it will become. It might be the small voice that’s not very loud, the whispers from your soul. Sometimes it will be just ONE thought. Learn to pay attention to that one thought.

Know that inspiration will never be doubting. It will always be a positive thought. There are so many ways to find inspiration: in nature, while working out, writing, in the middle of the night when you wake up from a dream.

Your next big move will fall into place when you feel confident about it. Embrace your uniqueness and go confidently forward towards your next move. Confidence ultimately comes from knowing who you are—and having faith in yourself. This will give you the power you need to not only move into, but to enjoy the change that’s coming your way.

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  • Carollyne Corner is an executive business consultant and spiritual advisor who has helped multimillion dollar companies around the world expand their reach and grow their revenues. Get her free guide, How to Build the Fulfilling Life You Deserve, at carollynecorner.com.