COVID-19, the epidemic triggered by the novel corona virus, now appears in almost every nation on earth. And at various stages of the pandemic, there’s a feeling of foreboding that the worst has yet to come for everyone. If the number of cases continues to increase in delicate environments we are starting to see the effect this would bring on the most disadvantaged children in all societies across the world.

Although the corona virus has resulted in less serious cases in children so far, in a particular way it may decimate their lives. The ‘absolute gap’ steps that are urgently needed to control the virus indicate that parents are unable to function, as ‘business as normal’ is quickly grinding to a halt across the world

Many children all over the world live in precarious circumstances, particularly in villages, unauthorized settlements and on the road, even those affected by war. For others, they’re going to take care of younger relatives’ children, or they’re going to depend on jobs to raise family income. Some won’t be able to separate themselves or detach themselves from others or comply with simple hygiene practices, like only washing their hands. In certain places where free health coverage is not available, the weakest are still unwilling to afford for tests or diagnostic appraisals, let alone medication.

Shockingly, nearly one in five children live in poverty in 2019, and that is projected to rise over the next five years.

Donnette Dawn Thomas-CEO of Mindful Missions of SC charity think there are individuals in any community with untapped ability ready to make their world a better place. With the support they are delivering confirmed life-changing services, opportunities and tools for children and communities.

Young adults who encounter deprivation in their childhood are, evidence has found, three times more likely to have mental-health disorders. They are now twice more likely to die from a chronic illness, and one-and-a-half times more likely to be obese.

When you choose to support others in need, this is the time of compassion and all about it, there are tons of things that you can do for anyone, even though you don’t have any spare time.

Below are some of the easiest you can help children:

Make a donation to a charity

Whether you’re too busy doing charitable work or offering up your time this period, making a charity donation is the cheapest and simplest way to contribute.

You will promote children wellness by donating to non- profit organizations that operate throughout the year and are ready to support disadvantaged children in a situation, whatever they may require.

Make a donation to a food bank

Though plenty of us will be dining, spare a moment for all who cannot afford to do the same.  Don’t ignore the food banks still require supplies to support households like domestic toiletries and laundry items.

Support somebody.

Only supporting one child will bring a small difference for the better. If you see someone seeking assistance, speak to them. Offer them some income, maybe just some bucks will help. Give your assistance without condescending or judgmental intervention.

Ignoring the suffering surrounding you, or dragging others into misery for criticism, is a sure-fire means of doing little to improve. You don’t know how that person got into poverty and you don’t know what their money is going to be used for.

If you’re scared of what they’ll be using your money for, you should give them anything (e.g. purchasing food, offering them a career, purchasing clot, etc.


There are plenty of opportunities to help out by social action in the neighborhood. Ask the nearest community, or non-profit organization. Check your local library programs, and see if they need help.

You will deal with a number of different groups: children, the disabled, the mentally impaired, the poor, and people. You are going to have to determine which community you want to concentrate on.