We are really excited to partner with Arianna and her wonderful team at Thrive Global. One of the many ways in which Arianna is so compelling is her focus on making wellbeing accessible through small steps we can all take. And at the same time connecting that to the lifelong journey that is inner wellbeing, grounding it all with science, and as well connecting this issue with all the forces shaping our society. 

The essence of The Wellbeing Project can be summed up as: wellbeing inspires welldoing. Its an exploration of the profound connection between how our relationship with ourselves deeply influences the way we are in the world. We are seeing how the issue of inner wellbeing is a pressing need in the field of social change. The need to prioritise this for all changemakers is more clear than ever. And moreover, we are deeply convinced that doing so will unlock more of the extraordinary collaboration and innovation we need to address our great social and environmental challenges.

In our collaboration with Thrive we will be exploring groundbreaking research, looking at how to consider wellbeing in our fast paced technological world, hearing from leading changemakers who will be sharing their own stories personally and vulnerably. And we will also be looking at the many different ways that we can all take small steps to have a more nourishing life. We are excited about all these threads, and looking forward to hearing your feedback !