Teens are more susceptible to peer pressure and make more shortsighted decisions than adults for four main reasons.

  • more interested in their peers opinions than their parents or other adults
  • worry about what other people think of them which decreases their self esteem
  • their prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain which helps moderate emotional and impulse control, is not fully developed until the early to mid twenties
  • subconscious thoughts control up to 95% of teen’s habits and behaviors

These reasons makes it more challenging for your teen to make decisions based on what THEY desire and value which throws them into the Chronic Stress Loop. This is exactly why developing a positive mindset practice is a strategy every teen should develop. Positive affirmations rewire your teen’s brain, so that their subconscious knows what they want to bring into their life. This will help your teen break out of the Chronic Stress Loop, so they can confidently make smarter decisions, manage expectations better, experience more success and be happy and healthy in school and beyond. Let’s take a look at what the shift might look like.

Typical Teen Thoughts:

  • I am going to fail that test. I am so bad at math.
  • I wish my hair was straight like hers. My hair is disgusting.
  • I better say yes. I don’t want to look like a kid. I want people to like me.

Positive Affirmations:

  • My effort is a greater determinate of my success than my aptitude. I consistently do my best each and everyday.
  • My goals and aspirations are important to me, and I easily ignore peer pressure and make decisions based on what is best for me.
  • I am beautiful, and I chose to release the desire to change my physical traits because I am perfect exactly how I am right now.

You might be thinking, “This sounds great, but I am never going to get my teen to say or remember those affirmations.” This is why I recommend the ThinkUp App* to all my teen clients. The Think Up App allows your teen to search a directory of positive affirmations in categories like self confidence, gratitude and overcoming anxiety and stress and pick around 15-20 to add to their favorites. Then they record their personal affirmations and choose background music. Since the affirmations are in their own voice, it is a powerful tool to help your teen develop a positive mindset, remain confident and make smart decisions.

Some of my teen clients were resistant at first, but once I helped them set up the ThinkUp App* with their favorite affirmations, they all loved it. Now, whenever they need a relaxing break or a confidence boost during the day, they can conveniently pop on headphones and listen to their affirmations which makes it much more likely that they’ll do it and remain at ease throughout their day.

Because I love the ThinkUp App so much, I partnered with them and created affirmations just for teens. Since I have spent over twenty years working and living with teenagers, I know exactly what stresses teens out. I created the Healthy Habits Affirmations for the ThinkUp App* to help teens break out of The Chronic Stress Loop, so they can create healthy habits, manage expectations better, experience more success and be happy and healthy in school and beyond. I encourage you to sit down with your teen today and help them choose their affirmations so they can navigate peer pressure better, make smarter decisions and boost their self confidence.

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