Energetic Interferences and Attachments are more common than you think and most people are walking around with these energy hitchhikers.

Your Energetic Field

When you are compromised with an energetic interference or attachment, it happens on one of four levels, and sometimes across levels.

  • Physical Layer – sudden physical discomfort. I’d also look at chronic physical discomfort.
  • Mental Layer – Fear, personality shifts, unusual anxiety, toxic thought cycles.
  • Emotional Layer – Feeling uptight, mood swings, depression, feeling low but you don’t know why.
  • Spiritual Layer – Disconnected from Spirit, or straight up delusional.

These aren’t exclusive to attachments; your egoic-Self has the capacity to be a major interference as well.

Each energy center has physical planes where you can experience interferences. They are the front side, left side, backside, right side, and the top and bottom of each. I can’t say where the most common side of attachment is, but in my experience the back and the left side are prevalent.

The reason is that the backside of our energy is connected to: 

  • Allowing
  • Receiving
  • Input
  • Being

The left side is the more feminine energy side which is: 

  • Receptive
  • Fluid
  • Empathic
  • Emotional
  • Flexible 

There is nothing wrong with this; it is the byproduct of living in an over-masculinized world where output and production are honored over all else. 

Your Main Energy Centers

I’m only addressing the main energy centers in your body because it is feasible to be autonomous in your energy field without focusing on your minor energy centers. 

Common associations and symptoms of energetic interferences or attachments:

  • Crown – Disconnection, Confusion
  • Third Eye – Excessive Thought Cycles, Psychic Noise (audible, visual, sensory, cognizance)
  • Throat – No Voice, Tongue-tied, Stuttering or Stumbling over your words
  • Heart – Selfish, Needy
  • Solar Plexus – Drained, Dependent
  • Sacral – Boundary Issues
  • Root – Irrational Fear, Insecure Feelings

These aren’t exclusive to energetic interferences but with awareness and knowing yourself, these are very clear indicators that you’ve picked up an energetic hitchhiker.

The Auric Field Layers and Energy Centers

Each energy center can experience interferences on every layer of the auric field. 

As an example, we will look at the Heart energy of selfish or needy. This can be experienced in relation to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual layer of your field. So if you are experiencing being needy, does it feel like any of the examples in the energetic layers above? 

  • Is it a physical feeling or yearning? 
  • Does it make you have an endless loop of mental gobbly-gook floating through your thoughts? 
  • Does that feeling of being needy make you anxious or depressed? 
  • Do you feel disconnected from Spirit and you are looking for a connection from somewhere else?

That is an example of an exploration across your entire energetic field.

Together your auric field and your energy centers create your energetic web of sovereignty.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Energetic Interferences

The Most Common Energetic Interferences

In my experience, women as a gender are more prone to having energetic interferences. This isn’t to say that men don’t have them as well. There is a clear correlation with how girls and women are conditioned in patriarchal society and how women experience energy.

Gaslighting and Conditioning

Essentially, girls and women gaslighted from cradle to grave, instilling doubt in their innate knowing and autonomy to be in service to society on every level. 

There is a continual grooming and gaslighting of the female gender and the result leaves women open to being controlled, energetically sucked dry, and then tossed aside as they naturally age (aging is a violation of the patriarchal contract). 

This is why gaslighting is a giant energetic interference for women, and it can present at multiple energy centers in the body and on multiple layers of the energetic field.

And of course, you can have non-beneficial entity attachment or interference, but in my experience, the unseen entities are most commonly attached to another human being and either have a specific agenda for that person or are completely opportunistic in their mayhem.

How to Help Yourself

  • Own your body – you live in it; it is yours. Love it, take complete ownership. Know how to put vocabulary to the sensations it feels especially the mental and emotional ones.
  • Watch your back – this is backside awareness. What I mean by this is to be mindful of that area of your energy that is associated with allowing, receiving, being, noticing and surrendering; your input energy.
  • Know what’s yours and what isn’t – many people have messy boundaries and are stuck in those patterns. Do you deal with volatile or needy people? Or, people that are in endless upheaval? Do you feel depleted after being around someone that has poor boundaries?
    You can walk away from that energy.
  • This isn’t about building a wall around ourselves. If you need to work with a visual boundary in your mind’s eye, visualize a mesh barrier instead of a wall around you. Your good, loving, shining Being can beam out but nobody‚Äôs crap is getting in.

The Embodiment Code

The Embodiment Code is you taking ownership of Yourself. 

That means moving through your everyday life with a high level of discernment and confidence. Discernment is an energetic muscle that takes time to strengthen. 

We are taught through modern science that if they can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist which we know is utter rubbish because the flip side of that is religions that condition us to have complete, unverified faith in the teachings of whatever specific religion.

So which is it? Prove it or have faith because someone else says we have to have faith to be accepted or approved of?

Real truth is in the discernment of the subtle energy; that knowing, perceiving, seeing-way we garner information that makes the little hairs on our bodies stand up.

Energetic Sovereignty

How Ownership Feels in Your Body

Your main energy centers are where your power is. 

When we take ownership of our soul home, our bodies, it is very difficult for outside interferences to attach or penetrate our energy. This isn’t about being a hardened bitch but about being very clear with your outside world that what is their’s, is theirs and it isn’t yours. It is not your obligation to take on anything in your outside environment. 

Ask yourself, do you feel obligated to take on certain things? That obligation is the conditioning of You and that is an energetic interference.

How Energetic Sovereignty Feels

  • Crown – Awareness
  • Third Eye – Innate Wisdom
  • Throat – Decisive
  • Heart – Centeredness
  • Solar Plexus – Sovereign, Autonomous
  • Sacral – Boundaries
  • Root – Grounded

Can you identify how these feel? Ask yourself how these feel then write it down. 

These are the keys to your energetic sovereignty which is how you deflect energetic interferences.

As you can see, it isn’t difficult to identify common energetic violations, where and how they occur, what they feel like, how to discern if it’s your energy or someone/something else’s, how to help yourself, and what it feels like to have really solid energy. All it takes is persistence in growing new energetic muscles.