It’s not always easy to identify your employees’ stressors and open up a conversation that’s both productive and empathetic. But prioritizing the mental well-being of your team members isn’t just a nice thing to do — it makes business sense, too. When your whole team is thriving, you are more productive, more creative, and better able to contribute to the success of your organization. By connecting authentically with your team members and having honest conversations about the challenges they face, you can build trust, strengthen your relationships, and set them up for sustainable success.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some conversation prompts that can help you open up the conversation around mental health with your team and invite them to share what’s on their mind: 

1. What are the most important things in your life outside of work? How can I support you? 

2. Who do you want to be at work? As a teammate, what qualities do you want to bring to your work each day? 

3. What are your well-being goals? 

4. Have you started taking any Microsteps to build new habits?

5. How would you define success in your role?

6. What life-work boundaries are most important to you?

7. What kind of work environment helps you do your best work and be your best self?

8. What makes you feel stressed, drained, or frustrated at work? How can I support you when it comes to these challenges? 

9. What activities help you unplug and recharge when you’re stressed or overwhelmed? 

10. How do you connect to a larger sense of the purpose and meaning of your work? Is there anything specific that excites and motivates you?