For evidence of leadership ability in your teams, consider these six important attributes: 

  1. Sphere of influence. To whom do employees look to for leadership when you’re not available? Find out who makes decisions, pitches in to help, and takes a good long-range view of your group’s work. 
  2. Interpersonal skills. Potential leaders aren’t necessarily the most popular co-workers, but they do get along well with people, even when they disagree. Potential leaders listen well, communicate in a friendly and open manner, and treat everyone with respect. 
  3. Positive outlook. Look for people who take obstacles in stride and refuse to give up when the going gets difficult. 
  4. Self-discipline. Which employees manage their time most effectively and put organization goals ahead of short-term personal desires? Successful leaders pay attention to leading themselves first. 
  5. Problem-solving. You’re looking for people who don’t give up when faced with obstacles or challenges. Who suggests workable solutions to problems—and puts personal effort into making those solutions work? 
  6. Big-picture perspective. Identify employees who try to align their day-to-day activities with your organization’s strategic goals. Look for those who avoid distractions and keep their focus on the long term. 

I encourage you to look for these traits, nurture your future leaders and set up further development to enable them to succeed.

Jean Fenwick – Inner Wealth Coach