Every week I interview success holders, elite entrepreneurs, and business owners on the Empowered Millennial Podcast to contribute to my mission of spreading the messages of personal development globally. This week Simonetta Lein, also widely known as The Wishmaker, shares her take on how to ignite your unlimited potential by answering the three questions below.

1. How did you grow into the person you are today?

We all started from somewhere..

Simonetta: “It’s all about learning about yourself. Asking yourself, ‘Who am I?’ Because if you don’t know who you are and discover your real message you’ll get tired. The world is tough and you have to work in order to obtain something.”

Simonetta shared earlier within the episode that her ability to have a deep understanding about herself and the real message she wanted to share with the world, allowed to her transform into the trailblazer she is today. With that in mind, it’s clear that tapping into your unlimited potential requires you to learn about you. So take the time to identify and learn you, your passion, your message, for it’s the guide to igniting your unlimited potential.

If not handled properly the low moments can keep us from walking in our unlimited potential, that’s the reasoning behind the next question..

2. What are things you did to keep moving forward? To help those who may be in a low place right now.

Simonetta: “I train my mind. I read a lot. I practice Buddhism everyday to uplift my inner state. Whatever your religious belief or spiritual belief is just do it because it’s so important. 

Yes, I have those moments when I’m tired or overwhelmed but I’ve learned that pessimism is something that I don’t want to have. Not because it doesn’t exist, it exists. But is it bringing me somewhere? No. I’m not saying to ignore your emotions, though as a tip find your spiritual way, find the books that can inspire you, find people, find people on social media that can inspire you especially in those moments. Use them. That is the only difference I think between people who make it and people who don’t. They have that strength to go and pick up those tools that are built in time and use them. I see so many talents out there that go on in holding a grudge and their talent just goes away. Don’t be stupid.”

From her response, I learned that your ability to find strength in the low moments determines if you will utilize the unlimited potential you have. It’s easier to sulk, stay down, and be negative during those low times but that’s when being strong counts the most. So gather the books, practices, and people that will help you push past them and give you the strength to keep moving forward.

On the journey to living your best life there will be things you have to let go of and Simonetta mentions one particular thing that is universal..

3. What are some things you had to give up on your journey?

Simonetta: “I had to give up every single comfort zone I had. Sometimes when you want to grow there are things that you have to learn to let go. Growing isn’t easy, as I told you in the beginning all this has brought to me to the woman I am today. It was painful, but again that awesome you is right there outside your comfort zone.”

If you don’t know Simonetta’s story, she’s originally from Italy. She left her home, her friends, her family, and the current business and brand she had established there and started all over in the US with her husband. Her sacrifice was hard, but necessary in order to be who she is today. With that, I want to share this quote with you..

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

                        – Neale Walsch 

Leaving your comfort zone is a scary thing to do; however, to reach your highest potential getting uncomfortable will be required of you. 

From these three questions I want you to leave knowing this: learning about you, being strong enough to pick yourself up in the low moments and giving up your comfort zone are needed and necessary in order for you to ignite your unlimited potential. Do all three and you’ll find where the best version of you lives.

Thanks for reading! I will have more insight for you next week.

Source: alexisparris.com/em017