Often times, advice is much easier to give than it is to enact. This is especially true when speaking about self-discipline. Seriously, I’m even writing an article about the topic and I still struggle with it daily.

But fear not friend, the struggle with self-discipline is a universal obstacle course which we all have the pleasure of partaking in. like everything else in life, somethings come to easier to others. But the bottom line is, how much effort are you putting in?

What Are You Striving For?

So, you have decided to make a change and implement a stricter code of discipline. That’s amazing! But what are you after exactly?

Are you looking to be more financially responsible? Are you seeking to improve your work ethic? Or maybe simply striving for an overall healthier lifestyle?

It’s when you decide which facet of your routine needs the most touching up, that you can really get to work. Working towards aimless deeds will cloud your mind marking the path of discipline with unnecessary obstacles.

You are embarking on a difficult journey; you don’t need driftwood getting in your way.

Less is More, Keep it Simple.

You always need to keep your eye on the prize, but you aren’t going to get there overnight.

Yeah, I could beat your ears by saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day, keep your head up”. We have all heard that a million and one times. But as much as you’d hate to hear it…it’s true.

Establishing sturdier discipline is about remaining consistent in both the physical and mental variety. If this is a new aspect, you can’t overload your plate.

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Installing strict discipline into your cerebral hard drive takes time and practice. If you take bites which are too large to chew, you’ll quickly become exhausted and find yourself back behind the starting line.

Instead of overloading yourself beyond your current means, start by simply adding a few realistic goals to your daily routine and vow to complete them every day. You will train your body and mind to follow through regardless of how you feel.

Here’s an exercise for you: On paper, write down 3 things to accomplish every day, and make a vow to get these tasks done, no matter what. Every day you accomplish them, put a check next to the task to track your progress. Hang this list on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, or even your car. Keep it in front of you, so if you are putting it off you are constantly reminded of what you are neglecting.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

Distractions can and will impede the progression of your discipline.

I’m going to share something with you. Last month I looked at the screen time on my phone. It was 5 hours…5 freaking hours! I was so freaked out that I was on the verge of downgrading to a flip phone. But then I realized that’s not the route to pursue. I should be able to focus and train myself not to be consumed by my apps.

News feeds and social media can be a cancerous tumor to the productive mindset. If you find yourself constantly retreating to the comfort of your distractions, remove them from the equation. Now I’m not saying you should downgrade your devices, but removing yourself from these distractions is already a display of discipline.

I had to set my phone in the other room just to write this article. Get rid of your mind blockers and get to work

Your cousins cat pics on Instagram aren’t going anywhere I promise.

Healthy Gut = Healthy Mind.

Establishing discipline isn’t just a mental task.

A clean and healthy diet contributes to more than just a slimmer build, but cognitive thinking as well. This actually breaks down into science. The food you consume creates the make up of your gut biome. Other than being a cool word, your gut biome is the number of bacteria and microorganisms that dwell inside your stomach. They are directly correlated to your focus, drive, and cognitive thought process. If you have an unhealthy gut biome, this affects both your mental and physical wellbeing.

No Time for Slack in the Rope.

It’s important to forgive yourself for failed tasks, as I said, it’s a slow building process. But it’s equally essential to hold yourself accountable for tasks your vowed to complete.

You aren’t always going to want to run 2 miles a day, but the days your brain is screaming at you to skip a day are the most important. This is where you have a chance to unveil your dwelling potential.

Folks, discipline isn’t always about marking goals off a list, it’s about the effort that you exert towards them.

If you want to run but it’s raining, do push ups in your living room.

If you want to write but have a blank mind, force yourself to sit in that chair until a single sentence leaks from your thoughts.

Don’t give yourself the option of excuses. All they are is alarms in your brain that are searching for comfort. Well you know what? Deny them the comfort. Tell those alarms they will get their comfort when the work is done. Until then, they need to stay hungry, because YOU need to be hungry.

If you are already hungry, get hungrier and get to work.

This post was originally posted on Led2Win.com.