Well-being what is it?

First of all our pleasure of course, our health, our comfort, our material success, to self-realization, and finally to harmony with oneself, other individuals and our environment.

We can differentiate between physical well-being and psychological well-being.

Physical well-being refers to general good physiological health and the satisfaction of basic needs of the body.

It is therefore necessary to take advantage of the levers available to take care of one’s health, and improve one’s mind and quality of life.

Because if certain factors are difficult to control, such as social success for example or the success of a romantic relationship, others are quite within our reach:

Take care of our health by paying attention to our nutrition, our sleep and our place of life.

Avoid stress; create a direct environment conducive to psychological balance, taking care of its decoration, ensuring the good arrangement of furniture, choosing your household linen, etc.


The well-being of each person is therefore their psychological and physiological well-being.

For the latter, the direct environment will play a major role in the health and therefore the quality of life of a person.

It will therefore be necessary to take care of the place in which we evolve a large part of our time, where we live, so as not to be exposed to harmful elements.

These domestic threats take many forms, from parasites, dust, to the very composition of our household products and we also need Dishwasher repair to maintain our appliances…

All this causing more or less irreversible health problems, such as allergies, respiratory diseases, etc…

Each of these sources of problems should be tackled to ensure a healthy home and maximum well-being in the place where you live.

Getting rid of dust mites

Dust mites exist everywhere in our living spaces, even in the cleanest interiors. Microscopic beings, they have the annoying tendency to trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Sneezing, itching, this allergy can seriously affect your daily well-being, but also in the long term on your respiratory health with the development of polyps for example.

Balance regained thanks to Yoga

Also in the search for balance between body and mind, Yoga is a practice from India aimed, through meditation and bodily exercises, to achieve the unification of the human being in its physical and psychic aspects. and spiritual.

Relatively recent in the Western landscape, it is now well established, courses are available everywhere and are aimed at the elderly, pregnant women, children, people wishing to fight against stress.

Even if you are a healthy adult, regular yoga practice can help you improve your sense of well-being.

Yoga is one of the practices that best exemplifies the Roman motto “a healthy mind in a healthy body” affirming that a healthy body is absolutely essential for mental and spiritual evolution.

The yoga that we know consists in doing breathing exercises and postures (there are more than 1000). These postures often bear evocative names, the tree, the cobra, etc… And their degree of difficulty is progressive.

The most famous posture is the lotus posture (sitting cross legged) which is often used for meditation.

To reduce their number or to make them simply disappear several means exist and it will often be necessary to associate them.

High temperatures (over 55 ° C), acaricides, decrease in humidity and heating of the room.

It will also be necessary to separate “niches” for dust mites such as cushions or soft toys.

Relaxation to regain well-being

For optimum well-being and to ensure that you live Zen, you must succeed in managing and regulating your emotions, anxiety and stress.

To do so, it is possible with exercises and relaxation methods to influence one’s mind and one’s way of approaching life.