Taylor Slango, CEO and Founder of Aligned and Ambitious

As we become more conscious as a society, it’s important our businesses represent something much larger than just ourselves. Now more than ever people want to invest in businesses and brands that have solidified values and represent those values well.

Here are 3 ways you can more intentionally infuse your values in the way you do business:

Taylor Slango CEO and Founder of Aligned and Ambitious teaching on how to incorporate values and purpose into your brand.

1. First, it’s important to clearly define what your values are and WHY Define Your Values and Your Why

I believe it’s important to re-evaluate your company values often to be clear on what you stand for and what you don’t. I recommend writing out all the values that are important to you and what your company stands for and then creating a top 10.

2. Create an ongoing plan of how you’re going to take action to represent your values

It’s not enough to talk about your values, it’s important to stand by them and take action. Once you have your top 10 values, you can look at the highest ranking ones and put them to work. Maybe you make a monthly donation. Maybe it’s volunteer work. Maybe it’s a monthly training you hold for your team.  Maybe it’s just raising more awareness. In addition to implementing those values, you want to ensure that your team is a good representation of those values as well. That’s why I recommend having team meetings periodically and reviewing those values. 

3. Share with your audience and community how you’re showing up Show Your Audience How Your Brand is Committed to Those Values

This is a great way to tell your audience what’s important to you and what you’re doing about it. This creates a ripple effect of positive change. They’ll be inspired to take action and your business will be held accountable to continue taking action too.

In my business, I sent out an email each month called the Behind The Business Report and by doing this we’re living up to our value of transparency. Inside this report we share what strategies we’re testing, how the business is doing financially, and what we’re doing that month to take action to support our values and how our community can do the same.

This creates a much more unified relationship between you and your client base which will allow you to do your job even better and help your clients get even more of what they want.

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