Seeing as how email marketing boasts with the ROI rate of 4400 percent ($44 return for every $1 invested), there is nothing more absurd than the claims that this aspect of digital marketing is becoming obsolete. And while it is true that this is one of the most commonly used techniques all year round, the holiday season is the period when you can truly get the most out of it. The problem with this, however, lies in the fact that your competitors might get the same idea. What you need to do is find a way to be better. Try using the following email marketing tips and tricks, because they just might help you increase your holiday sales.

Make Use of Video Content  

Everyone knows colours, shapes and items that are associated to Christmas (Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflake…), however, capturing the spirit of Christmas in a text is much harder, although not impossible. Instead, why not try to turn this holiday euphoria in your favour with the help of a video or at least a GIF. Needless to say, the use of a video in an email campaign is an idea that has been known to give great results. In fact, adding a video (along with the word video in the subject line) to your email can boost your CTR (click-through-rate) by 20 percent.

Use Email in a Combo With SEO

No matter how good you are at making compelling emails, on its own, email campaign won’t be able to drive you the sales you need. Nor should it! You see, your email marketing is only an aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy, which means that it always needs to be seen as such. This also means that in order to help it unleash its full potential, you need to make sure you also pay attention to your other fields of interest, as well. According to experts behind a prestigious Australian digital agency Agseosydney, your email strategy needs to work alongside your SEO and PPC efforts in order to give optimal results.

Create Responsive Design

In the world of web design, minimalism and responsiveness are already two major trends, however, a lot of people still fail to apply these same principles to their emails. Keep in mind that more people access their emails through phones than through their PC, which means that you have to make sure your emails are compatible across various platforms. This especially goes if you’re using videos, gifs or images in your emails. Because of this, you need to optimize these formats for different screen sizes and closely monitor what each of these changes does to their loading time.

Leverage Advanced Targeting

The reason why sales are so much larger during holidays is due to the fact that people simply feel less guilty spending larger quantities of money for their own pleasure. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on the data you’ve gathered so far and find a way to turn it to your own benefit. Remember that person who visited your website a couple of months ago without buying anything? Well, if you offer them these same items during the holiday season (with a sizable discount) they might just be willing to make the purchase they backed out from recently. For this, however, you need your big data analytics working to their full capacity.

Email Away 

At the end of the day, all the tactics you employ here are not there only to boost your holiday sales but also to give you some outstanding long-term results. Once a person makes a purchase from you, they have about 27 percent chance of coming back on their own, of course, provided that their overall shopping experience was a positive one. This means that utilizing your email strategy during the holiday season creates an atmosphere in which you can easily make return customers and as you know, return customers are the backbone of every successful enterprise.