« Money is in the list » I love this quote!

Whatever your activity online, you should build your own email list!

This is one of the most powerful ASSETS that generates a lot of money for online business owners for many years. 

It looks simple to implement. Collect Optins, Push the button « send » and then get money!

Prospects in 2018 are more aware of this systems and don’t need someone that bothers them every day or every week with commercial offers! Right?

Imagine someone that you don’t know enough comes EVERY DAY and knock at your door : «Hi, do you want to buy my new product?» I am sure you won’t appreciate it!

[4 TIPS] How to increase your conversions using email marketing:

Share value content with your leads. It can be advice/tips that help them to solve their issues. They will trust continuously!

Give them gifts freebies(ebook, video, blog articles…). Prospects love Gifts!

Talk about your personal story, your daily challenges, your vacations, things that you love to do… Remember, It’s a human relationship that you need to build if you want to sell your products to this audience for years and years! Do you agree?

Send them ONLY offers related to their needs. People HATE spams, they are busy to find a solution to their specific problems! Be Accurate!

Your autoresponder sequence should include 4 emails types: content emails, freebies emails, personal emails and specific offers!

Trust + Value + High-Quality Product = Success for years!