With the increasingly busy world we live in today, it is becoming harder and harder to strengthen our mindfulness during work. We hurry while eating, hurry in the toilets and rush while doing everything. But the effects of this kind of lifestyle are enormous. You get exhausted, sick and in the end are less productive. Being armed with these tips will keep you fresh and focused while at your busy day.

Be still in 3 minutes

Before you open your computer or even look at your phone; first be still! To “be still” means to gather up the scattered pieces of your mind from the pessimistic thoughts you assume ahead of your day. It also means to appreciate the good you met yesterday and be hopeful of more great things to come ahead of your day. You can execute this in 3 minutes.

Although meditation has become a prevalent way of achieving stillness, People have different ways of practicing calmness. Religiously, stillness is when one seeks a superior being in whom they believe takes heed of their worries. There are other practices of silence based on cultures and traditions. For the most part is to make sure that you find those 3 minutes to silently re-focus on the day.

Set intentions in 3 minutes

A good work day can never begin without a program. Write down your day’s intentions on paper. This should take you only 2 minutes. The reason you should use paper is to stay away from the temptation of opening your device because that can drag you into doing other things.

Write down everything, not only work- related; even if you plan to take out a few minutes on the balcony to fetch fresh air as you work, write it down. Writing down things helps you to stay on program and to feel more accomplished. As you tick away the things you managed to do at the end of the day, you will become happy and satisfied.

Allocate time to think about each issue bothering you in 4 minutes

Thinking is not dangerous but letting thoughts rule your mind all day is what is harmful and can interfere with your cooperate mindfulness. When you allow every thought to hit your mind at any time, you affect your productivity. One way to help you think wisely and effectively is by using thinking apps.

For instance if your day will involve researching about a small business loan to help expand your business or you want to pass by the bank to sort some financial issues, a good thinking app will help you set a reminder so that you have an orderly time to attend to those things.

When you have allocated thinking time, you concentrate on what it is that you want to tackle and find a solution for it. It is better this way because you don’t have to think about the same thing over and over even during the day when your job needs you the most.

Eat healthy before you head out, in 3 minutes

Don’t miss out on the power of a mighty breakfast. If you are always missing breakfast because of the morning rush, atleast don’t forget to grab a fruit on your way out. Fruit in the morning helps to keep your brain from stress. Blue berries for resistance protect from oxidative stress. If you get an extra minute on your hands, try to slice an avocado and eat it early morning. An avocado helps to give you a good blood flow that provides a healthy brain.

Work-out, 2 minutes

You don’t need to climb your bike and take a ride or go jogging. Go for exercises such as push-ups and easy stretching exercises in just 2 minutes. Exercises make you feel fired up for the day. They spark a vigorous blood flow and keep you in shape.

You can do your 2 minutes exercises as you head to the bathroom for a shower or straight from bed after you have finished meditating.


There you have it, 5 activities in 15 minutes for an entirely mindful day. Some of these things may sound like they require an entire hour to do, but they don’t.

You only need to learn to stay faithful to your time. Meditation shouldn’t exceed 3 minutes; a good healthy breakfast 3 minutes and exercises for 2 minutes.

This routine will work wonders to keep you active and focused on the day. Don’t forget to back it all up by staying positive both to yourself and the surrounding. 


  • Esther Muwombi

    Esther Muwombi

    Esther Muwombi is a freelance content creation specialist and Journalist based in the Netherlands. Esther writes about Business, fitness, travel, and gathers news stories for large media outlets around the World. She has been doing this for the past 11 years and enjoys every bit of it. Esther mothers three adorable girls and one brilliant boy. When she's not writing, she loves to relax by the beach with her family. You can find her on Facebook and read more of her writings on Huffington Post, the Guardian and the niles.org