The goal of this post is to share with you some tips on the subject of productivity. This is not particularly complex, detailed suggestions, however, may prove to be extremely useful and effective if applied with perseverance in your daily life. In terms of productivity, the simple fact habits tend to be far more impact than the more complicated strategies.

What is important in putting into practice these tips is your mental attitude and your positive attitude to want to recruit a check on the progress of your existence. Instead of living passively and reactively respond to different circumstances that can happen to you, you have the opportunity, every day, to make a responsible choice, decide to live in the fullness of your responsibilities and fully express yourself as an individual.

1. Work to Make Love

“Do what you love to do” is probably the fundamental and basic advice in every speech in terms of productivity. Already at an intuitive level, it appears immediately clear how your productivity will increase simply doing a job that you like and you’re passionate.

Unfortunately, this advice is both obvious and ignored.

E ‘enough to look around to realize immediately as most of those who know spend their day devoted to a job that does not excite them, does not stimulate them and makes them feel alive. A job that they do not like. A job that makes them do not wait to get home in the evening or to conceive of the weekend as the happy island, by the end of the week. To complain about Monday morning when they go to work, to linger as much as possible under the covers because they do not want anything to do to get up.

Sounds familiar, right?

Would not it be much more stimulating and engaging dedicate each day to something you really like, a job that you are passionate about and makes you feel alive? A job that every morning makes you eager to get up? A job that would do even if they did not pay you?

When you have the opportunity to devote yourself to a job that you really love, your productivity reaches more extreme and high levels because you’re devoting fully and to the best of your ability to do something that excites you and involves you intimately. The quality of work is affected positively, and the high-quality heavy work is certainly more efficient than the low-quality work, which generates inferior results and often needs to be revised and corrected.

So, try to devote yourself to something that you really enjoy it and immediately realize that not only your productivity will derive a great benefit, but also that you first you will feel more alive and stimulated. If you have a job that does not reward you, use your free time to try to identify the best and most effective strategy to dedicate yourself to what you really satisfy.

Follow your dreams. Basically, it is a choice. You commit yourself to do what you love, or you can not. Which of the two choices you think could be causing more suffering and sorrow?

2. Eliminates Interrupts

When you’re focused on a project or on a specific activity, any kind of interruption, distraction or diversion inevitably affects your productivity.

The optimal solution to dedicate yourself effectively and efficiently to any type of work or activity is able to determine the time blocks during which you already know that you will not be interrupted and during which you strive to turn your attention exclusively on your main goal. This means, therefore, is excluded interruptions from outside both intervals and eliminate those distractions that often we allow ourselves instead.

To increase your levels of productivity, should therefore seek to determine blocks of time (at least 1 or 2 hours) during which you keep off the phone, do not you control the mail, do not you will browse the web, do not you will accept visitors, etc .. the maximum that you can consider will be a trip to the bathroom ?

The mere fact of knowing you will not be interrupted or distracted by anything will allow you to enter a mental state in which you “fluid”, to make the best of your ability and ensure that your productivity will benefit significantly. And ‘scientifically it is proven that whenever we interrupted or distracted for a few minutes in performing a task, then we need at least 15 minutes to recover concentration and immerse ourselves once again in a productive state of mind. And ‘therefore clear that the sum of many short breaks every day causes a long-term loss of a considerable amount of time in which we could instead devote more productively to our projects.

Being able to devote exclusively significant time intervals to a specific activity, it will allow you not only to bring it to more quickly concluded but also to gain more free time to invest in your personal life and dedicate yourself to other passions, your family or your friends.

It is, therefore, able to use your time more wisely. To do this you must establish boundaries, demand compliance from others and impose a minimum of self-discipline. Your productivity will benefit immensely.

3. Monitor Your Time

If you want to increase your productivity and reduce as much as possible, if not eliminate, the loss of time, try for a few days to take notes and keep track of how to slip away your hours during the day. From the time you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, monitors your time. Each time, during the day, you dedicate yourself to a new initiative or project, take note of the organization and the type of business that you started. No need for any technological tool, pen, and paper are sufficient.

At the end of each day, try to see where it ended up your time. You will notice much inefficiency and certainly will not be difficult to identify areas for improvement. If your behavior is similar to that of most people, do not be surprised to find that 50-75% of your time is wasted.

Warning! This is certainly not a bad thing, indeed: you may have used your time for other purposes, such as improving your relationships, devote yourself to your family or your friends, meditate or simply strolling. But if your purpose, at a certain stage of your life, is to optimize your time and produce more efficiently, you can reap great benefit from taking note of what happens to your time.

Therefore, do not blame yourself when you see what happened to your time. Get them, using the information to make improvements, not to feel guilty for wasting your time.

The simple fact of having known weight and measured use of your time will help you to acquire greater awareness and to identify the scope for improvement that you have available. You’ll find areas of inefficiency and bad habits that you can remove easily and increase your productivity. What is measured it can be more easily improved.

4. Use Timeboxing

The timeboxing is an optimal way to manage and deal best with your business if you have a tendency to procrastinate your schedule and your plans.

The timeboxing basically consists of taking the commitment to engage in an activity for a period of time, usually 30-90 minutes. Although only 10-15 minutes represent a period of time perfectly acceptable.

This strategy is a great way to “force you” and “forcing” yourself to overcome the natural resistance linked at the beginning of a new business. In essence say to yourself, “At the bottom, it is only 30 minutes, it will not be so hard.” And often realize how to overcome the first 20-30 minutes, it will be much easier to continue beyond the period of time that you had intended.

If after reaching the predetermined period of time that you had you’re not going to continue, that’s okay, it will mean that you will have optimized the time you wanted to dedicate to that specific activity. You can always prefix a new later time in the day or the week. Going a step at a time, eventually, you complete 


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