Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. – Paul J Meyer

As a Social Media Manager, I’ve always suffered from keeping up with the things that need to be done. That was a big problem for me especially when I have to create content or formulate strategies for my clients. Two months ago, that was my problem.

Do you want to know why?

Because of Facebook.

Prior to that, I’ve read many posts stating that it is possible to find clients without going to any known job platform. They said you can now have clients using Facebook. I tried it. And it works.

Since then I’ve been on Facebook almost every hour. Engaging. Interacting with my target clients.

Yes, I have to admit I check Facebook before getting out of bed. Before, during and after a meal. Whenever I am holding my phone, I am on Facebook. And even when I’m working, one browser window is open so I can check Facebook.

I invested time and attention in interacting on the platform, which keeps me coming back.

Without clearly planning my day, this activity affected my productivity. Because even while I’m doing my projects I have this tendency to check every notification.

One day because of disappointment I uninstalled Facebook and Messenger on my mobile phone.

But as a social media manager, everything that I am doing leads me back to Facebook.

Luckily, I was able to learn strategies that other freelancers are using. Before I had to push myself to produce contents for my client. Now, I can easily follow my schedule without pushing myself. At the same time, I’ve become diligent in submitting my deliverable, answering emails and I can spend time engaging with my community.

But what changed? Nothing magical. I just have to apply the things that were taught to me by fellow freelancers.

First, is to have a To do list. This is not new to me. But I never really applied it because I lacked consistency. Last December a friend patiently taught me about the benefits of having a to-do list. Since then, though I still missed a couple of days, I am able to keep up with it and find it very effective.

I also have a big calendar in front of my workstation. That way I am always reminded of events, meetings, seminar/workshops and the deadline that I have to accomplish.

Second, is with the help of productivity tools. I have a number of apps. But I’m going to share with you the tools that I regularly use. I learned this during a seminar and I find it very useful.

?The Great Suspender: This is a Chrome extension. Once this is enabled on your browser, it will automatically suspend tabs that have not been used for a while. Yes, it suspends Facebook. So you can focus on the things that need to be done.

?RescueTime: Another Chrome extension. This is a personal analytics service that will show you how you spend your time online. This tool keeps a record of what I actually accomplished throughout the day. (See my attached image below).

?OFFTIME: I use this on my mobile phone. For a chosen period, depending on your setting, you can block Facebook, calls, texts and notifications that might disturb you.

Without a doubt, there are other apps and digital tools out there. I just shared to you three that works best for me and made me become a more productive social media manager.

Using these digital tools can be a great way to increase your overall efficiency at work and in your life.

If you have other tools that you’re using, please, share them in the comments below. So others can try it and see what will work for them.


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