“Why don’t you ever say hi to anyone?  It’s like you think we’re not worth your time!”   This was the “not friendly” greeting I got one morning from a coworker I barely knew.

The truth is I knew his name and that was about it.  He worked in a different department than me, although I saw him nearly every day in passing. 

His comments jarred me.  I knew I wasn’t super outgoing, but was I actually “unfriendly”? I am an introvert and despite working at this large company for about a year, I still felt like an outsider.  I wasn’t unfriendly, I just didn’t feel the need to run over and make small talk with everyone I saw in the hallway each day.  I had a job to do, did it, and went home.  Obviously there was something about social cues I was missing.

Fortunately about this time, I came across something in a book that would forever change my coworkers perception.  From now on I would be known as friendly, in fact down right outgoing.  It works like pure unadulterated magic and was simple AF to do.


Say hi first. 

That’s it.  I shit you not.  It’s so simple you might be tempted to dismiss it, but you do so at your own social peril. 

Bonus points if you say their name too.

I’ve been using this trick for so many years, I actually forget from which book I learned it from.  But as far as game changers go, its a good one.  You will cement a friendly reputation in no time.  Just try it.

New coworkers now laugh when I tell them I’m actually not very social.  It has helped my leadership aspirations astronomically. Thank you to that grumpy coworker for bringing this to my attention years ago!

The above was adapted from an experience a revolutionary sister shared with me, and printed with her permission.  Great story, and a great social tactic!     – Carrie