Now that companies are closing their offices and working remotely, and we don’t know how long this will last, we better make the most of the virtual realm to maintain and strengthen our connection.

Maybe that is why all this is happening. To push us to the next stage of our development. We always have a choice to focus on our better, future state. To give ourselves a good upgrade. But when we don’t actively take advantage of that ability to plan ahead — which only humans have — nature gives us a little push.

It’s possible that the whole point of the current crisis is for us to discover new human powers that we are not yet aware we possess. The difference between these new capabilities and everything we achieved to date, is that they can only be revealed between us.

Meaning if we want to access these new super-powers, we will need to interact in more effective and beneficial ways. We will need to invest more in strengthening our human connections. We will need to learn to advance forward together in the most beneficial way. This requires great focus, and creating group situations for exercising our listening and empathy skills.

Subtle but real effects of consciousness are important scientifically, but their real power is more immediate. They encourage us to make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world. Large scale group consciousness has effects in the physical world. Knowing this, we can intentionally work toward a brighter, more conscious future.

The Global Consciousness Project

Benefits of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have so many significant advantages over physical meetings, they have truly been underrated up until now. Here are the highlights.

Virtual meetings are —

More inclusive since everyone appears to be equal. There is no hierarchy of important people sitting in certain seats (up in front usually, or at the head of the table). So this essentially eliminates all the social gaps the moment everyone appears onscreen.

More global since there is no limitation of time or place, teams from all over the world can come together. There is more space to collaborate together, and synchronize dispersed teams in remote offices.

More agile since all it takes nowadays to put a virtual meeting together is to send out an invite. More people can easily be added to the meeting while it’s taking place. Experts from anywhere in the world can be invited. And with Zoom’s breakout feature it’s easy to divide large groups into smaller working groups.

More comprehensive since virtual meetings are far more purposeful than in person meetings where there are many distractions and nuances taking away from the main goal. When planned correctly, far more can be covered in less time, making time management more effective for all participants.

More focus since participating in a virtual meeting requires us to be far more attentive and really listen to what people are saying. Anyone can be called on at any moment, so everyone has to be very alert.

More documentation since virtual meetings can be recorded and reviewed at a later stage, what transpires and how decisions were reached is all documented.

More control since things are so simplified. There is no one passing around coffee, no one reaching for anything, and no one interrupting the meeting by opening the door. What you get is 100% meeting.

Spreading a Positive Virus to Counteract the Coronavirus

Apart from all the clear advantages listed above, the most important aspect of virtual meetings is that they are highly beneficial for strengthening our human connection. Whenever we intentionally focus on enhancing our human interaction, we are generating positive energy that the world really needs right now. This is actually the most beneficial thing for global teams to be doing at the moment to counteract the spreading of this negative virus in our world. Only humans have the capacity to behave intentionally toward one another, and this requires toggling into the higher self — a term coined by Cy Wakeman.

Building ‘Soft Skills’ Requires Great Team Effort

If we all contribute our best human intentions, thoughts and energy, we can lift our teams and achieve great things together. Virtual meetings will ultimately pump up the EQ factor throughout the company, because they will enhance our social sensitivity and broaden our worldview. We will gradually start to see that we have greater human capacity to be concerned for others and our collective destiny. This is how we will build our better future between us — through systematically engaging in positive human interaction.