As long as you’ve got a steady wifi connection and the ability to work independently, there’s no reason why you can’t work remotely. In fact, that’s why so many people around the world have already made the transition to remote working. Want to get in on the action? Here are five useful ways to jumpstart your remote career!

Negotiate with Your Current Employer

If you’re currently employed at a full-time or part-time job in an office, you can start your jumpstart by having a conversation with your employer. Many remote employees begin their transition to working from home by negotiating for a few days of remote work each week with their current in-office employers.

If you’re employer does allow you to start working from home on a part-time basis, do your best to impress them with your work quality. Employers will often think of the first few remote days as a test-run to see if you’re capable of producing top-notch work from your home. Prove to them that you can!

Pick Up Some Remote Contract Work

If you’re employer isn’t budging and wants to keep you in the office, the next step you might want to consider is picking up some remote contract work that you can do on the side. In doing this, you’ll start to get your feet wet and have a feel for what it’s like to complete work on your own time and in your own home.

Picking up remote contract work is also a great way to ease into going full-time remote as you learn to navigate remote communication and learn what kind of remote work is available.

Ask Around and Reach Out

Have any past employers that you left because of a move? Reaching out to them about remote work is not a bad idea. If you were a valued employee, they may want to offer you work that you can do remotely. Even if they don’t have any available work at the moment, having reached out to them will keep you current in their minds when contract jobs do arise.

If you know any remote workers, asking around to see if they have any leads on remote work is also a smart step to take when jumpstarting your remote career. Remote workers are often part of larger remote networks and can recommend you to employers and remote managers looking to hire.

Browse Remote Job Listings Online

Sites like help to round up legitimate remote job openings in one place for you to browse by experience level, field, and commitment level. Take advantage of our database of remote work and get a feel for the range of remote work that is out there.

With you don’t have to worry about not getting paid or falling into a remote work scam. Our escrow system ensures payment gets made to remote workers and we only post remote work that comes from trusted remote employers.

Create a Strong Profile and Prep Work Samples

Once you’ve made an account on, fill in your profile and work experience to the best of your ability. Building a strong profile makes you more likely to get job matches from our innovative AI technology and it makes your application more attractive to remote managers.

It’s also always a good idea to have work samples prepped and ready to send to any interested employers. Keeping an updated portfolio on your computer is a must for any remote worker wanting to land new gigs and interview for full-time remote jobs.

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