. This August we have a pair of eclipses that will impact the USA and our current President.

The first eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse on August 7. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth cuts off the light of the Sun from the Moon depriving her of the usual bright illumination but still showing a shadow. Lunar eclipses always occur at the Full Moon. The signs that potentially will be most affected will be Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. I say potentially because the degree of an eclipse must make a very close contact with a planet in a person’s natal chart before it is significant. Lunar eclipses align our feelings and actions and this may be positive or negative. For all the signs, however, the lunar eclipse will emphasize heightened emotions, stress and edginess.

The juicier and stronger eclipse is the total solar eclipse on August 21. Dubbed The Great American Eclipse, the path of totality begins in Oregon and sweeps across the USA finishing in the Carolinas.

What does this eclipse auger for the country? THRIVE GLOBAL has note worthily helped people detach from the news cycle and incessant worry about things we cannot control. This August will require even more discipline to keep centered. Specifically, the degrees of the August eclipse fall very close to an important degree in President Trump’s chart. The eclipse degree also corresponds to the fixed star Regulus which in ancient times was called the Royal Watcher of the North. When prominent in a natal chart this star denotes a highly placed person of great power who can become embroiled in vendettas and seeking vengeance and thus may fall from his high position. I don’t expect anything significant to occur on August 21 but time will tell. This eclipse is not an auspicious event for the presidency.

The solar eclipse also occurs during a retrograde Mercury. Most star followers understand that this is a time period that confuses communications. Retrograde Mercury plus the eclipse gives a month where we could be saying “I don’t believe it,” frequently.

The stars always give us guidance if we listen. The following is a mini guide to keeping cool and centered throughout August.

ARIES: The eclipses will excite your impetuous nature. Add a lot more physical exercise to your routine.

TAURUS: The eclipses are challenging and will frustrate some actions. Postpone major decisions and when/if you feel stuck hum, dance to familiar melodies, or do some gentle yoga exercises.

GEMINI: The eclipses bring opportunities and mental stimulation. Perhaps too much; mind is buzzing and requires effort to focus and calm down. Exhale easily and then let a natural inhale come.

CANCER: The eclipses increase environmental agitation. This set of eclipses is not personally agitating but Cancerians pick up the vibes. Stay near the home front. Walking by the water is also a good way to keep centered.

LEO: BINGO, this solar eclipse is in your sign and the lunar in your opposite sign. You will feel like roaring and need to. Be mindful of how easily self-expression can escalate into self-dramatization. Dancing energetically is a good stress reliever.

VIRGO: The eclipses are not directly affecting your sign. Help us all out with your grounded analysis and understanding of practical matters. Pleasant scents are always a treat.

LIBRA: The eclipses demand your best balancing act. Feel this energy but don’t plunge into the chaos that you may hear about or witness. Keep to low key activity and surround yourself with beauty.

SCORPIO: These eclipses are intense for you. But you handle intensity well. Avoid seething vengeance and anger. If these feelings bubble up create an image of destruction that soothes you but doesn’t impact other people.

SAGITTARIUS: These eclipses speak to the better parts of your nature. You will be able to express bluntly what you see and hear and share this with us all. We need truth tellers this month.

CAPRICORN: The eclipses are not particularly challenging to your chart. You will remain grounded and focused on your own ambitions. Keep the shoulders loose. Tension around you can mount.

AQUARIUS: The eclipses are stimulating and agitating. You may experience insomnia or a heightened energy cycle. Creatively this month can be very good. Try calming herbs such as chamomile before you sleep.

PISCES: These eclipses will encourage you to retreat. Keep a low profile and avoid crowds…too many conflicting vibrations.

The eclipse energy will wane as we move into September. Calm sailing.


  • Constance Stellas

    astrologer, author The Little Books of Self Care, How To Be An Astrologer

    Constance Stellas maintains a private astrological practice in NYC and is the author of 18 books on Astrology.  Her upcoming project is Tree of Keys a graphic novel feature 12 Astro Heroes who save the world with their own sign specific talents.