Hello holidays! Who doesn’t know the level of excitement among the children on the last day at school before the holidays? After all, holidays are a time when they can relax and play all day long. They are all set for new video games, cartoons, movies, and fun when it comes to holidays. But amidst these happy moments, children tend to lose focus on their studies and other co-curricular activities. Studies are also important along the holiday enjoyment and so, many times, children are given assignments during the holidays. Parents should help children set a study routine. Children can take assignment help from their parents, elder siblings, or tutors to speed up their work. But apart from studying, here are some fun-filled activities that can keep your child active during the holidays:

1. Bring them closer to the family

Holidays are the times when all your friends and family can come together and this could be an opportunity to bring the children close to them. Parents can organize family dinners, parties, short trips, and visit the relatives so that their children can meet them and understand the value of relationships. Visiting grandparents or talking to them regularly can play a special role in child’s development. Grandparents are someone who can become friends with the children and at the same time can teach them great life lessons. They can tell them childhood stories of the parents and other family members and be a companion of the children.

Another way to bring your children close to your family is by doing activities such as making family trees or family albums. Parents can also show some family albums that they have to their children. They can ask their child to make a family journal in which they can write about every family member. They can talk to the family members such as their grandparents or uncles and aunts and ask them few questions related to them such as their birthdays, anniversaries, special memories etc. Then, they can write those things in a diary and create their family journal.

2. Develop the social skills in your child

Holidays can be a time when parents can incorporate social skills in the children by keeping track of their behaviour at different places and talking to them to know their perspectives. For preschoolers and elementary school kids, you can work on building the basic social skills by telling them how they should behave with others, follow rules, do good things for others, help others, respect the elders etc. For teenagers, you can go for activities in which they can identify themselves, examine their behaviour, and handle situations on their own. Children of these ages can understand things at deeper levels and if parents talk to them they can really open up an exchange their thoughts.

Parents can study their child’s behavior keenly during the holidays as they get to spend a lot of time together. Then, they can act accordingly and deal with the children. They can enhance their personalities during the holidays and make them a better person. Parents can give them responsibilities which enhance their social skills such as:

• getting things from the market,

• helping in various chores at home,

• planning parties,

• decorating the house,

• ordering food on their own at restaurants,

• making new friends

3. Developing new hobbies and learning new skills

Are your children glued to the TV and video games all the time during the holidays? Well, then it’s time to divert their attention to some other interesting and fun-filled activities. From curious games to developing new hobbies, there are so many activities that can keep children active during the holidays, such as:

Art and Craft – it will not only enhance their visual thinking but will allow them to express their thoughts without words. Art and craft will not only develop their creativity but will open doors to this astonishing culture.

Reading – reading new books, learning new stories every day will open doors of wisdom and critical thinking for the children. They will get to learn new words and develop a reading habit that will benefit them forever.

Gardening – it can be a healthy and fun activity for the children. They get to learn about nature and science. They experience a feeling of responsibility as they take care of the plants and learn how nature actually works for them and by them.

Cooking – tell them the importance of nutrition and how their food choice can impact their health. Not only this they can learn multiplications, counting, fractions, measuring, sequencing, and problem-solving skills while cooking.

Writing – it makes them learn to express their thoughts. Developing a habit of writing at an early age prepares the children to become a successful student and employee. Writing letters and emails is an effective form of communication with friends and family.

Parents can take the opportunity and work with their children to keep their brain active during the holidays. Holidays indeed can serve as a great time to let your children brainstorm new things, develop new hobbies, and learn new skills. This can be a time to light their curious minds and broaden their perspectives towards life. So how are you planning to spend your holidays with your children?