The outbreak of coronavirus has affected many countries and the number of cases is increasing with each passing day. The extreme condition of coronavirus infection can lead to death and loss of human lives has occurred in quite a few countries.

To control this pandemic, several countries have announced lockdown so that people can stay at their homes and chances of spreading the virus can be minimized. Many employees are also working from their homes but it is a difficult time for kids since all sources of outdoor activities like amusement parks, playgrounds and play areas where children love to spend their time are now closed.

Firstly, we need to explain the reason of this lockdown to our kids in an understandable way. The simplest way is to put some black pepper in a bowl of water and ask the child to dip his hand in it. When he takes out his hand, some particles will stick to his hand. Here you can tell your child that the virus can come along in the same way.

Playing creative games

You must be having some puzzles, board games and maybe a few card games at home. If no, perhaps you can order some online and get the ones as per the age of your child. Some games like monopoly help in enhancing the math skills of children. Similarly, chess is an ideal game for creative thinking. These games are like exercise for the child’s brain and let them think out of the box. Children can even play these games on their own. If you are busy in the kitchen, you can guide them and hand them over the game so they can play while you work.

Using online tools for remote learning

There are several free tools online that you can use to polish the skills of your child. Using these online learning tools, you can let your children practice subjects that they need to improve in. If it is comprehension, you can visit which is a non-profit firm. You can donate if you want, but it is not a prerequisite. Similarly, there is Accessibyte where you can find flashcards and games for learning. Some other learning tools include All Kids Network, Bamboo Learning, Bedtime Math, Big History Project and so on.

Letting them have some cartoon time

Cartoons are an ideal medium for enhancing the language skills of our child. Whether it is English, French, German or any other language, you can easily let your children polish their language skills by allowing them to watch cartoons and enjoy their time at the same time. Apart from that, cartoons can reduce their boredom and some cartoons even provide beneficial lessons to learn.

Among English cartoons, here is the list of the best ones:

  1. Word girl
  2. Arthur
  3. Dora and friends
  4. Daniel tiger’s neighborhood
  5. Sid-the science kid

Not only this, but you can also let your kids watch some amazing YouTube channels like:

  1. Houston zoo
  2. Sesame street
  3. Smart girl
  4. Blippi
  5. The brain scoop

Involving them in cooking and baking

Kids enjoy cooking, and baking is also something most of the kids love doing. There can be a lot of learning through these activities as well. You can easily teach math concepts while involving your kids in baking. Similarly, baking is best for learning and practicing fractions. Moreover, our kids should know the practical implementation of things that they are learning from books. In this way, they take more interest in learning.

For instance, you can ask your child to measure 1/4th cup of baking flour while making your muffins. You can ask them to count the number of eggs, weigh the ingredients for precise measurements, and teach them to double the recipe by doubling the ingredients, etc.

Letting them enjoy in their way

Toys are the most favorite things for any kid. You cannot make the kids learn directly from books. There are several strategies and learning materials that are easily available online. You can get hold of some educational toys and let your kids play while learning indirectly.

Legos are ideal for creative thinking. Buy them the Lego according to their age and give suggestions for making new things. For instance, you can tell them to make a house, farmhouse, a train and so on.

You can dedicate a small part of a wall in your house and let your children paint it the way they want. In this way, you will get to know what is in their minds – their creativity, and how they are using paints and colors to describe it.