We’ve all heard the stats. After a couple hits the 18 months mark, shit hits the fan!

Just kidding. “Apparently” after the 1.5 year mark couples experience a drop in loved-up hormones and problems start to set in. All of a sudden that cute knuckle cracking thing he does makes you cringe and he no longer finds your snort-giggle endearing. Crazy I know. Who doesn’t like a solid snort-giggle.

So here in lies the question – how do we keep the honey moon phase alive. How do we make sure that those love hormones keep raging on.

Well, the bad news is, we can’t control our hormones. Those feelings of obsessively wanting to rip his clothes off everyday will reduce. The key, is making sure they don’t disappear completely – aka Relationship Death.

Below are some tips on how to keep your flame a’flamin’.

  • Do not take each other for granted. Whether you’ve been dating 2 years or married for 15 you should never EVER take your partner for granted. What does this mean exactly? Don’t rush out to work in the morning without kissing your partner goodbye as if they will 100% be there tomorrow. Coz, reality check- they may not be. Let your partner know every single fricken day just how much you adore them. Like you did in the beginning. Don’t just assume they know.
  • Surprise your partner. Keep them on their toes. This doesn’t mean you have to go buy tickets to Hawaii (although that would be pretty awesome), it just means make them feel special. Make them their favourite meal, just coz. Buy them something they really want, just coz. Give them a full body massage, just coz. These things don’t have to be saved for a birthday on anniversary.
  • Make out. Like you did in the beginning.
  • Talk about sex. Talking about sex is just as important as having it. A healthy sex life is 50% clear communication. Remind your partner that they still turn you on.
  • Figure out their “style” of showing and receiving love. Is your partner a gift person? Buy them a thoughtful gift. Does your partner love touching you all the time? Be more physically affectionate. You get the gist

For more specific info on this topic, I suggest you research “The 5 languages of Love”.

Originally published at bossyalexa.com