Keeping track of all the things going on in your life is never easy, and many people drive themselves crazy just trying to keep themselves focused on their day-to-day tasks. Luckily, a number of reliable methods can help you keep a much better track of your life without ever having to worry about going crazy. All that it takes is a little dedication, a whole lot of patience, and a willingness to start writing things down.

Here’s how you can keep track of your life without going crazy, and in an affordable fashion.

Dividing up your life

It’s never an easy thing to do, but one of the greatest secrets to success when it comes to keeping track of all the chaos in your life is to begin by dividing it up into different segments. Tremendously important aspects of your life, such as your work responsibilities, should be given individual categories all by themselves. Similarly, such burdens as schoolwork or childcare should also be given plenty of attention. Other things, like which films you’re hoping to watch or small personal goals in your social life, can be kept categorized more broadly to prevent you from having to fragment up your entire life’s story overnight.

If you read any advice on staying on top of things at work, you’ll understand how important it is that you begin keeping a planner. Many people don’t like to write things done or excessively schedule their lives, but it’s a simple matter of fact that the world’s most successful and wealthiest people regularly keep well-maintained schedules. Even something as small as a to-do list for your daily work responsibilities will make things vastly easier on you. After all, keeping a to-do list helps your brain, whether you actually end up finishing it or not.

It cannot be emphasized enough that keeping a solid track of your life virtually always necessitates that you begin writing things down. Whether you’re merely marking a calendar as the days go by or keeping a dedicated journal or planner with you at all times, the mere act of writing things down on paper will vastly improve your memory and help you avoid unexpected disasters. Sometimes, however, you don’t need to rely on old-fashioned methods, but can harness the power of modern technology to help you along the way.

Learning how to master your smartphone or cellular device so that it becomes your personal planner or calendar, for instance with the help of Google analytics, is an increasingly popular option for busy professionals who need to keep juggling multiple responsibilities throughout the day. Most people already use their phones in this way to some extent, occasionally jotting down notes or taking pictures of important documents. Learning which apps and tools are specifically designed to help you organize your life is a great way to better your self-management, however.

Learning how to be flexible

Another important facet of keeping track of your life without going crazy is learning how to be flexible. It can’t be said enough that even the most well-prepared and organized people are still occasionally caught off guard and forced to wing it. In situations where things go wrong, it’s often the most flexible people who do the best, so it’s worth learning how to suddenly adapt to new challenges as they spring up before you if you want to last long in the business or academic world.

According to the Harvard Business Review, nearly all surveyed professionals in the U.S. noted that they needed flexibility to succeed at their jobs, but not even half of them have it. Far too many people are incapable of shouldering the burden of an unexpected shift change, for instance, and others still don’t know how to ask others for help when they’re feeling overworked and burned out. Discovering that you’re not alone in the world and that you can rely on others for assistance is thus one of the most important aspects of learning to manage things in your daily life without having them spiral out of control. Sometimes, you simply can’t do it all alone.

Besides writing things down on paper or on a
physical calendar, and without having to rely on your smartphone for everything,
there are other ways you can rely on to keep a better track of your life. Getting
started on any task, be it a household chore or a work duty, within the first
30 minutes of learning about is an excellent way to make sure it doesn’t slip
your mind, for instance. Oftentimes, we lie to ourselves and say we’ll “do it
later,” but the later never comes and the work never ends up getting done. Get
a head start on your new responsibilities as they come flooding in, and keep a
strong mental record of your duties, and you’ll be keeping a better track of
your life in no time. 


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