Vacations are good and you can afford to relax a little and disconnect from everyday issues and worries. After all, you will not have to get up at dawn, rush to get ready for work, afraid of being late, being by the stove and doing housework. That’s where the main danger lies.
Accustomed to various types of indulgences during the holidays, we allow ourselves freedom in food. We did not notice the eaten piece of the next dessert, we neglected a large portion of the main course. As a result, such permissiveness in food cannot but affect the figure and appearance. In addition, digestion suffers from an excessive and unusual food, which affects the mood, condition of the skin, hair and nails.
If you are on vacation abroad, where there is a great temptation to the abundant and delicious food, think of the rules for yourself that would help you food fitness resist one of the deadly sins – gluttony.

Rules of healthy nutrition on the road
Adhering to the usual diet on the road is quite difficult, because many products have a limited shelf life. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about what is best prepared for meals along the way.
No one wants to spoil their vacation with food poisoning or allergies, but to avoid such problems, it is necessary to observe the principles of proper nutrition from the very beginning of the trip, still going on the road.

Forget the “empty” calories
Very often on a trip, they simply do not pay attention to what they eat, they allow fast food or other harmful and fatty foods. Several chips, chips, sweet soda, which very often many take with them on the road, are, in fact, empty calories. They increase the level of sugar in the blood for a short time, and then hunger also occurs abruptly.
Do not take with you fatty and very sweet foods, better to take fruits, vegetables, cereal breads, muesli in bars, which contain many vitamin and minerals. Remember that cooked eggs, sausages, chops, smoked fish and mayonnaise-based sauces should be left at home – they are classified as perishable foods and cannot be stored without a refrigerator.

Healthy alternative
When you go on the road, always think ahead of your diet. Here are some nutrition and fitness tips:

  • low-fat yogurt – eat it in the first hours of the trip so it does not deteriorate.
  • Boiled chicken fillet – can be wrapped in aluminum foil or made from it sandwiches with black bread or grain. It also needs to be eaten soon. The proteins needed in the absence of meat can be obtained from nuts or cheese.
  • Fruits, for example, apples or bananas, are perfect for picnicking on the road, just be sure to thoroughly wash them in advance.
  • Quick cooking oatmeal is ideal to eat on the way, you can steal with boiling water for tea.
  • You can pre-cut the greens, celery stalk, cucumber and put in a sealed container. You can also make sandwiches with cheese or tuna.
  • For a sandwich, a thin cookie, a cereal cookie, pumpkin seeds and nuts are convenient.

That quench your thirst
In the heat, it is very important to drink a sufficient amount of liquid. Try drinking a glass of plain or mineral water without gas every 2 hours of travel (on the plane every hour). If you are going with a child, take a bottle of water for children. You can also drink juices that are preferably sugar-free, but it is worth noting cola and similar drinks, as well as alcohol – this can lead to digestion and dehydration.

Correct packaging
To ensure the safe storage of food products, it is important to pack them correctly. Put the food in a plastic container – you can buy it in a supermarket – or wrap it in aluminum foil. Vegetables and fruits put in a plastic bag. Try to make sure all the food is divided into small portions: sandwiches, nuts in small bags, at a time. On the way you will need: glasses, spoons, forks, bowls and knives. Of course, it will be more convenient if all this is unique. The problem of washing dishes disappears immediately. Also be sure to grab antibacterial wipes or an antiseptic spray.

Do not be tempted
The smells of the food that surround it can cause an extraordinary lunch. To contain the appetite, it is necessary to learn to be distracted. Take interesting magazines and books on the street, a player with good music, grab a laptop with positive movies, comedies, which will help you to spend long hours of travel and alleviate boredom. If you like to communicate with people, know your neighbors, communication is also useful and will distract you from eating.